President Obama Apologizes After Disrupting Army Captains' Wedding Plans

Posted: Dec 29, 2014 8:05 PM
President Obama Apologizes After Disrupting Army Captains' Wedding Plans

After forcing a pair of Army captains to relocate their wedding, President Obama has called to apologize and offer his best wishes to the couple. The wedding had originally been scheduled for the 16th hole at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course on the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii, but had to be moved after the president opted to partake in a game of golf the day of the ceremony.

From Bloomberg:

Still, anyone planning an event at the course when the president may be in town is warned about the potential for last-minute shuffling, said Naile Brennan, manager of K Bay Catering, which was handling logistics for the wedding. Brennan said they had other sites ready to go, and the couple ended up choosing the lush, green lawn near the home of Colonel Eric Schaefer, the commanding officer of the base, which offers an elevated view near the 16th hole.


An administration spokesman referred questions about the day to the military base, and it's not clear the White House would have been informed about the wedding in advance. After Bloomberg Politics inquired about the scheduling conflict, Obama put in a personal call to the bride.

First, I give major props to the bride for keeping it together after being given a very short notice that her entire wedding was going to be different than what was initially planned. Second, I'm sure that the president didn't intentionally schedule his golf game to bump out the wedding--while I may disagree with his policies, I don't quite think anyone is that malicious. It was a decently classy move to fix what easily could have been a PR disaster.

Best wishes to the new couple!