Democrat Plays Game of "F, Marry, Kill" On Campaign Twitter

Posted: May 28, 2014 3:40 PM

Self-described "left wing liberal" Mike Dickinson, who is aiming to unseat Rep. Eric Cantor, has a bit of a dirty mouth on Twitter. Yesterday, he tweeted about a game of "F, Marry, Kill" between Sen. Ted Cruz, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

In a game of "F, Marry, Kill" a player is given three choices and must pick one person to be intimate with, one person to marry, and one person to "kill."

This impromptu game isn't the only bizarre thing on Dickinson's account. Yesterday, he also tweeted about wanting to remix the song "Scotty Doesn't Know" from the movie EuroTrip as "Teddy Doesn't Know" in honor of Sen. Ted Cruz.

While I'll admit that is a reasonably clever attempt at humor, things got pretty nasty as Dickinson took a cheap shot at Eric Cantor's daughter, Jenna:

"Fiona" in the song is a reference to "Scotty's" soon-to-be-ex girlfriend, who, unbeknownst to Scotty, was actually sleeping with the lead singer of the band in the movie. In Dickinson's fantasy remix of the song, he would be insinuating that Rep. Cantor was in a romantic relationship with his daughter...which is all sorts of gross.

Dickinson is not viewed as a serious candidate and actually never filed papers to run against Cantor in the primary. (He still claims, however, that he will be on the ballot in November.) He previously proposed games of "F, Marry, Kill" earlier in the month with Michelle Malkin, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sarah Palin.