AFA Classified as a "Hate Group" By US Army

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: Oct 15, 2013 1:42 PM
AFA Classified as a "Hate Group" By US Army

At a military briefing conducted in Fort Shelby in Mississippi, the Christian ministry American Family Association was identified as a hate group, alongside Neo-Nazis, the KKK and the Black Panthers.

Here is AFA's site. Please visit it and decide whether those who subscribe to the views expressed by this Christian ministry really deserve to be classified as part of a "domestic hate group."

Keep in mind that one needn't agree with every principle AFA espouses. The question is whether anything the group believes can be justly considered comparable to the anti-Semitism or racial hatred fostered by the other "domestic hate" groups.

It seems this is just one more example of a concerted effort by the Obama Department of Defense to denigrate those who hold traditional Christian values and delegitimize their views. That is, of course, wrong -- and profoundly un-American. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and anyone else associated with this effort, should be ashamed.

Exit question: If "hate group" AFA simply preaches the Christian gospel as it has been understood in America for the past couple centuries, does that make orthodox Christian believers "haters"? Should the military really be threatening to discipline soldiers for participating in organizations like the AFA?