The Left’s Effort to Undermine the Supreme Court

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Townhall Review
May 5, 2023

This week on Townhall Review – May 6, 2023

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin attempts to undermine the Supreme Court's authority as Head of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a Judiciary Committee member, sheds light on the political campaign aimed at discrediting Justice Clarence Thomas.

Hugh Hewitt is joined by Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn to discuss the ethics and protection of Supreme Court justices, the attempts to de-legitimize the court, and the importance of enforcing federal statutes to safeguard judges from intimidation and political influence.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers Union, presents a conflicting testimony at a recent House meeting. Weingarten's assertions of unwavering efforts to reopen schools during the COVID-19 pandemic strikingly contradict her previous statements and actions, casting doubt on her genuine motives.

Seth Leibson chats with Pete Peterson, Dean of Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy, to talk about the discrepancies between Randi Weingarten's testimony and her previous actions, the influence of public sector unions on pandemic policies, and the potential long-term effects on a generation of students who faced extended school closures.

Andrew Wilkow, host on Salem News Channel, and EJ Antonio of the Heritage Foundation discuss the U.S. debt limit, unsustainable government spending, and the consequences of accumulating massive debt, emphasizing the need for spending cuts to avoid financial catastrophe.

Trish Regan invites Anson Frericks, former President of the Anheuser Busch Sales & Distribution company, to discuss the decline in Anheuser-Busch sales, the shift to stakeholder capitalism, and the impact of political involvement on the brand's core customer base.

Dennis Prager criticizes Bud Light's decision to partner with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to support the LGBTQ+ community. Prager questions the judgment of Alissa Heinerscheid, Vice President of Marketing for Bud Light, and argues that businesses should prioritize sales and profitability over social messaging based on market research.

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