Jerry Bowyer: Looking at the New Age of Tech

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Townhall Review
August 20, 2018

George Gilder is the economist and author who holds the distinction of being quoted by Ronald Reagan more than any other living author.

Gilder is out with a new book, and it’s a blockbuster. And what’s being “busted” is the Obama-era business model of centralized control of social media.

“Life After Google” makes the case that the old model is doomed. And it comes at just the right time. Conservatives are fed up with Google delisting conservative voices like Dennis Prager’s, Facebook labeling the Declaration of Independence hate speech and Twitter shadow-banning Republican officials.

According to Gilder, block chain technology, the tech behind the cyber currency Bitcoin, is the stone which will shatter these dominating hierarchies of wealth and power.

That will put the internet back into the hands of the people.

And that is a good thing.

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