Jerry Bowyer: A Message, New Media and a Breakout Moment

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Townhall Review
February 16, 2018

Jordan Peterson is a fascinating case study in a how new media mixed with a needed message can—overnight—create a star. His YouTube videos have gotten far more than 100 million views.


Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto who has s been talking—among other things—about a crisis of masculinity. He’s Moderate in his politics and Bible-friendly.


His breakout moment was when he defeated a hostile feminist BBC interviewer, leaving her literally with nothing to say. It went viral—with over 4 million hits just on the BBC website alone. The interviewer suggested that Peterson was ‘divisive’ simply because most of his YouTube followers are young men.


Maybe that kind of toxic attack on masculinity is the reason young men in particular seem to flock to Peterson’s message: be a man, don’t be a victim, stand with your shoulders back and go out into the world to slay your dragon. 


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