Hillary Clinton Is "One E-mail Away From Being One and Done"

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Townhall Review
September 3, 2015
Morning in America’s Bill Bennett spoke with Sean Trende, senior elections analyst for Real Clear Politics. Another poll made headlines for its unique question about Hillary and not-so-surprising results. Salem host Michael Medved explains. Democratic pollster Pat Caddell joined Bill Bennett. Carly Fiorina will be at the CNN debate in a couple of weeks. She talked with Hugh Hewitt. CNN’s Mark Preston tells Hewitt why they revamped the qualifications to be at the debate this September. The group “Black Lives Matter” is creating even more controversy as police have become the target of inexplicable violence. Dennis Prager weighs in. Former vice president Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz, wrote the New York Times best seller “Exceptional.” Cheney spoke with Michael Medved. Dennis Prager addressed the horrific story of a policeman gunned down at a gas station.

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