Why the Hoods and Masks, VILE Protesters?

Posted: May 04, 2017 9:30 AM
Why the Hoods and Masks, VILE Protesters?

Have black hoodies, bandanas over the face and black skinny jeans replaced white hoods and robes?  It’s a thought provoking question spurred on by recent internet memes.

On February 1, March 4, and over Easter weekend black clad “protesters” wreaked havoc at U.C. Berkeley - most recently in a violent clash with Trump supporters. Then, twenty-five people were arrested on May 1st in Portland for their involvement with the riot there.

One group organizing the melee at Berkeley was BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) who, on their website, called for members to “Confront and Defeat the Trump Movement.” PDF to their flyer here.

For the most recent event, they encouraged their members via Twitter. 

Mobilize Sat 10am-2pm at MLK Park in Berkeley to confront and defeat the Trump Movement and Trump's Alt-Right and... https://t.co/73NDptttXS

— BAMN (@followbamn) April 13, 2017

Other groups mentioned as being involved were the Black Bloc and Antifa movements. It is interesting to note that Black Bloc is as much a tactic as it is a group. The black clad, hooded and masked hooligans can be traced to European anarchist movements. They are known for their anarchist beliefs, violent rioting, and cause general mayhem whenever they crawl out of their parents' basements.

Rather than try to distinguish these groups by splitting hairs over their beliefs, leadership, and tactics, we should call them what they are - Violent Ideological Leftist Extremists, or VILE for short. You heard it here first.

To be clear, the VILE movement is not the KKK. As far as anyone knows, they have not conducted a lynching, burned any crosses, or murdered anyone based on the color of their skin. However, they employ tactics of violence and intimidation, while making every effort to conceal their identities in public. Just as the KKK used violence and intimidation to suppress the African American right to vote and to live, work, and prosper, these VILE tactics are being used to suppress constitutional freedoms of speech and assembly of center-right individuals and organizations - as they did when they successfully prevented Ann Coulter from speaking. Additionally, there is a strong anarchist faction within the movement.

By now, most have seen videos of the confrontation between Trump supporters and counter “protesters” at Berkeley. Berkeley police are still sorting out what exactly happened. At this point, they have arrested over twenty people on charges including assault with a deadly weapon, battery, vandalism, committing a criminal offense while wearing a mask and my personal favorite, public intoxication.  

Here is the link to the Berkeley Police Department listing of those arrested.

Perhaps a closer investigation will reveal the real reasons this VILE crowd attempted to conceal their identities. My first thesis is that the vast majority were NOT part of the Trump rally, but rather the VILE. My second thesis would be that those arrested fall into one of several categories:

  1. Rich VILE angry white kids who have been fed a steady diet of Leftist ideology, multiculturalism, socialism, and other Leftist teachings throughout their young lives.
  2. VILE Latinos personally threatened by deportation of themselves, friends, or family members.
  3. “Wandering Nomads” who got caught up in the middle of everything while on a Saturday drunk.
  4. VILE General Leftists who just like to create anarchy. It was the weekend after all.
  5. Someone whose VILE girlfriend or boyfriend happened to be going and they wanted to impress them.
  6. College professors who do not want to lose their cushy position teaching gender studies.

In Portland, the 25 arrested face charges ranging from participating in a riot to disorderly conduct. Here they are with their masks removed.

My old Drill Sergeant had a saying that went, “If you’re looking over your shoulder, you’re wrong.” The same could be said to those who dress up in black from head to toe and cover their faces with bandanas, not to mention rioting, looting, and engaging in arson. You are wrong. Anonymous mob violence is un-American, and I hope these VILE hooligans are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.