What This Young Girl Did for a Group of San Antonio Police Officers Will Melt Your Heart

Posted: Jul 07, 2017 4:00 PM
What This Young Girl Did for a Group of San Antonio Police Officers Will Melt Your Heart

A heartwarming photo of a young girl praying with eight Texas police officers is quickly going viral.

Little Paige was at a restaurant in downtown San Antonio with her aunt, Martha Bosquez, when she spotted a group of policeman enjoying their dinner. After checking with her aunt, Paige walked up to the officers and kindly asked if she could pray with them for their safety.

Bosquez snapped a picture of the touching moment and posted it to Facebook with the following caption:

“Paige praying for our men in blue. 8 officers having dinner she walks up to the table and asks them, ‘May I pray for you to be safe, and so that God may take care of y'all?’ I must say that every one of them bowed their head when they got done eating. One officer walked over to our table to say thank you.”

Many on Facebook are calling Paige a “little angel.”

The post came one week after San Antonio Police Officer Miguel Moreno was fatally shot while investigation car burglaries near San Antonio College.

Moreno and his partner, Officer Julio Cavazos, had exited their vehicle to approach two men when one of the suspects opened fire. 

Moreno was shot in the head. His partner was hit in the chin. Cavazos, who has has since been released from the hospital, returned fire and was able to strike their attacker. The suspect, identified as Andrew Bice, later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Moreno was only 32-years-old and had been serving on the San Antonio police force for nine-years. A procession was held Friday morning.

Thank you to Officer Moreno, and all our men and women in blue, for the sacrifices you make to keep us safe. And thanks to little Paige for giving us a reason to smile again after such a horrible tragedy.