WATCH: The NRA Trolls Anti-Gunners During Their 'March On The NRA' Event...And It's EPIC

Posted: Aug 05, 2018 12:30 PM

Anti-gunners descended upon the National Rifle Association's (NRA) headquarters in Fairfax, Va. on Saturday for their 'National March on the NRA' event.

Of course, in typical ironic fashion, David Hogg had to show up with armed security. Because it's okay for him to be protected by guns but not the rest of us.

Nothing says "sticking it to the NRA" like protesting when no one is there. At least there's a big empty building there to listen. 

Apparently the rest of us missed the memo, but loving the Second Amendment now means you have a small penis. What about those of us who are women? What are we "overcompensating" for?

And better yet, don't you just love how the girl at the end said "Freedom's Safest Place," which is the NRA's mantra?

Here's a look at some of the other conversations and signs that took place:

"Morally unjust?" How is wanting to protect your life morally unjust? Is it because David Hogg is seen as the gun control crowd's God?

This is one of the biggest things anti-gunners fail to understand. There is no government registry. There is no way to "register" as a gun owner. If you want to purchase a firearm, you go through a background check. Period. End of story.

Let's get this straight...the Constitution has worked perfectly for America for the last 200 years but suddenly it "needs to be rewritten?" Makes perfect sense...NOT.

Oh, so now mocking Dana Loesch is a form of protest? Got it.

How was Joaquin Oliver's death the NRA's fault? No one from the NRA carried out the heinous shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. And how do these people know that Oliver would have been in favor of gun control?

Oh yeah! Vandalism! Whoo hoo!

Here comes the big money.

Remember though, this is a grassroots march. The gun control advocates are totally self-funded, except for when it comes to...graphic design, signage, sign printing, social media presence, voter registration. Oh, that's basically everything. 

While the main march took place in Virginia, other protests took place across the country. In fact, Denver protestors were given a reward for their activism.

Because nothing says "fun" like hanging out with Shannon Watts while watching a failing comedian.

UPDATE: The NRA released the following videos after the article was originally published:

If you're going to protest something, can you please do some basic research?

Oh, so if someone breaks into your house you shouldn't be able to defend yourself or your family? Makes perfect sense...NOT.

And banning "fully semi-auto" firearms? Ugh. This is what we're up against.