Disgusting: 'Borat' Actor Creates Parody Video Depicting Gun Owners As Crazy Basket Cases

Posted: Jul 16, 2018 10:30 AM
Disgusting: 'Borat' Actor Creates Parody Video Depicting Gun Owners As Crazy Basket Cases

Sacha Baron Cohen, the actor who played Borat, has a new series called Who Is America? that will premiere on Showtime. The first video promo was dropped and, of course, it depicts pro-gun advocates and Congressmen as crazy.

Cohen plays Israeli anti-terrorist expert Col. Erran Morad who is supposed to be a Second Amendment supporter and advocate. Morad's entire goal in the video is to arm schoolchildren ages four and up.

Here's the problem with the video:

Cohen makes assumptions about gun owners, the biggest one being that anyone who is pro-gun means that they want anyone and everyone to be armed. That's the furthest thing from the truth. Instead of focusing on the one thing that anti-gunners and pro-gun advocates have in common – keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals — Cohen attempts to shame gun owners.

The worst part of the video is the "Kinderguardians! How to Protect Your Preschool" how-to video Morad conducted with Virginia Citizens Defense League President Philip Van Cleave. They're using stuffed animals to tell kids how to fire guns at the bad guys. Seriously? This isn't just just irresponsible but it's down right dumb. Who's to say that a kid won't see this parody video and think it's real life? Are they going to go to school and tell their classmates that their stuffed dog or unicorn can kill people? As if that's what any school needs to deal with nowadays. 

It's a real shame that Van Cleave willingly took part in this video knowing full and well that this how-to guide made gun owners look like irresponsible nut cases. If anything, he handed anti-gunners the perfect material to run with. It's only a matter of time before someone like Shannon Watts stumbles upon this video and tweets it as her "proof" that gun owners have no morals or ethics.

The Real Truth About Gun Owners

Mr. Cohen, while it's very obvious that you think you have all of us gun owners pegged, you don't. You know absolutely nothing about why we believe what we do and why we're so passionate about our Second Amendment rights. So let me try and break this down for you.

Gun owners across the nation understand one thing: the Constitution is the greatest protection that Americans have. Once we lose the rights that our Founding Fathers fought so hard to protect, we will never get them back. The government isn't in the business of staying small and being held accountable. It's in the business of growing, of "protecting" us. But what does that really mean? Bureaucrats who think they know what's best for the average American. 

Mr. Cohen, not all of us can afford to have private security to protect and defend us. Not all of us have the police two minutes away. For the average person in flyover country – you know, the other 99 percent of the country that's not on the coast – it's up to us to defend ourselves, our families and our property. If we didn't take our safety into our own hands some of us would no longer be around.

While it's inherently obvious that you're no friend of the Second Amendment, some of us are willing to fight to the death to preserve one of our greatest freedoms. As they say, the Second protects the First. And without either one of those protections, America does not exist.