Tiger Woods Wins The Masters

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 3:13 PM

Sports fans and golf aficionados welcomed back an all-time great in any sport, as Tiger Woods won his first Masters tournament in 14 years this Sunday afternoon. 

Woods won his fifth Masters' green jacket just two years after undergoing excruciating surgery which left the world's most famous golfer wondering if he would ever play the sport again. ESPN's Mark Schlabach does a nice job recapping what has transpired since 2017.

via ESPN:

To truly appreciate what Woods did on Sunday, you have to consider where he was two years ago.

In April 2017, Woods' career was in jeopardy because of a debilitating back injury. Before Woods arrived at Augusta National to take his seat at the champions dinner, he needed a nerve block to endure sitting in a chair.

Immediately after the dinner, Woods flew to London to meet with specialists, who recommended spinal fusion surgery to alleviate back spasms and pain and discomfort in his leg. He had surgery in Texas later that month, the fourth back surgery of his career.

Woods' win also comes 9 years after his career seemed to have been derailed due to a very public divorce as well as the revelation that Tiger Woods had been cheating on his wife, Elin, with hundreds of women in various sex and alcohol-fueled trysts. 

"I don't think there's ever been a man that had as much talent," three-time Masters champion Gary Player, told the media. "He had his difficulties to encounter, and I always said if Tiger never had the problems he had, which were numerous, he would have won at least 20, 21 majors. I don't think there's a debate about that. I don't think anybody would ever deny that."

On Twitter, fellow athletes, celebrities and politicians congratulated Woods for his victory.