Melissa McCarthy and Chris O'Dowd Get Chance to Show Off How They Handle a Different Kind of Comedy

Posted: Aug 27, 2021 12:30 AM

Melissa McCarthy and Chris O'Dowd are known for comedy; the two starred in "Bridesmaids" together back in 2011. Their latest film, "The Starling," is a different kind of comedy, however. Coming to select theaters on September 17 and to Netflix on September 24, it deals with the loss a married couple, Lilly and Jack Maynard, played by McCarthy and Dowd, and how they must find healing. The film's trailer recently premiered earlier this week.

While Jack seeks healing elsewhere, Lilly must continue living her life as normal, which ends up involving dealing with a territorial starling. In addition to building a nest nearby, the starling also becomes a constant nuisance to Lilly, who becomes hellbent on getting rid of it.

Lilly ends up seeing help from Larry, played by the Academy Award winning Kevin Kline, who is now a veterinarian for a living after being a psychologist. Kline seems perfect for the role, based on the trailer alone. 

The film is certainly going to be a tearjerker. It's clear from the trailer that the loss is of an infant baby girl. While Jack is at a mental health facility, it's on Lilly to move the stuff out of the baby's room which is not to be used. "I carried her, for nine months, so why are you here, Jack," she tells her husband at one point during a visit."

Another memorable, and touching, part of the trailer is a tearful Jack sharing with a group at the facility that "My wife wouldn't know how to quit, and I love it so much for it. I want to not quit with her," he says, while another patient at the facility demands he pass her a tissue.

In discussing the film with Enterainment Weekly, offered some touching words about the film's director, Theodore Melfi, saying, with original emphasis, that he is "one of the most relatable, delicate directors, because he can still do humor and break your heart."

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