Don Lemon Was Not Impressed By Kevin Hart's Latest Musings on the LGBT Community

Posted: Jan 08, 2019 3:15 PM
Don Lemon Was Not Impressed By Kevin Hart's Latest Musings on the LGBT Community

Source: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File

It doesn't sound like CNN host Don Lemon believes Kevin Hart deserves a second chance to host the Oscars. Hart stepped down from the gig following the renewed scandal over years-old tweets he posted about homosexuality. Hart apologized last month as he told the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that it'd be best if they find another host because he didn't want the ceremony to be about him.

However, Hart changed his tone a bit after Ellen DeGeneres invited him on her talk show to discuss the controversy last week. She informed him that she had called the Academy on his behalf and asked them to reconsider. She wants him to host. Hart appreciated the support, and told her there was "not one homophobic bone in his body," and that he doesn't use that kind of humor anymore.

That didn't convince Lemon, who last Friday urged Hart to become an "ally" for the LGBT community. 

On his SirusXM podcast, "Straight from the Hart" Monday, Hart issued yet another apology to the LGBT community.

“I understand why people are hurt, I understand what these words mean, I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m sorry. I said it again, when I stepped down. I apologized.”

But, in regards to Lemon's request, he said he has no interest.

“I don’t like the forcing,” he said. “I don’t like Don Lemon goes – Don Lemon goes on CNN and he’s like, ‘You can fix this, become an ally.’ That’s not my – that’s not my – it’s not my life dream.”

Hart's podcast convinced Lemon to deliver another monologue Monday night. While he wasn't thrilled by what he heard, he said it's Hart's "right" to not want to be a spokesperson for the LGBT community.

“So listen, there’s been a lot of Kevin backed out of hosting the Oscars, and on some level you can understand for him that it may feel like he’s under attack. Because he’s in the middle of it. But I will tell you for me as I relate to him and I can talk about my part, he’s not a victim,” Lemon said. “So listen to what he’s saying there. He wants to be accepted. He wants us to accept him. He wants to be embraced on his own merits. Isn’t that what the LGBT community wants? Isn’t that the same thing they were asking for, to be embraced on their own merits and not be stereotyped and stigmatized? So maybe — right? An olive branch in an effort to understand.”

Lemon also shared that he spoke with Hart on the phone for an hour over the weekend and asked him several times to come on the show. But Hart "wasn't interested."

Asked if he thinks Hart will end up being this year's host after all, Lemon said, "I don't think so."

The 91st Academy Awards will air on ABC on Feb. 24, with or without an emcee I suppose.