Report: Video Exists of One of Kevin Spacey's Inappropriate Advances

Posted: Dec 28, 2018 4:40 PM
Report: Video Exists of One of Kevin Spacey's Inappropriate Advances

Last year, Kevin Spacey became a target of the "Me Too" movement when actor Anthony Rapp accused him of luring him to his apartment when he was just 14. He was one of now over a dozen other young men to accuse Spacey of sexual assault.

When the scandal became public, it took an immediate toll on Spacey's career. He was fired from Netflix's "House of Cards," replaced in the film All the Money in the World, and watched his movies tank at the box office.

This week, we learned of a new case. An 18-year-old says Spacey touched him inappropriately at a Massachusetts bar in July 2016. The Guardian has more details about the incident. (Warning: some may find the content disturbing.)

Spacey offered the man a drink, according to the police report, getting him at least four or five beers before suggesting they switch to whiskey, saying, “Let’s get drunk.” They then had four or five glasses of whisky.

The actor later asked the busboy “what he was packing”, referring to his penis size, according to the police report, and bragged about his size.

The two men went outside around 1am to smoke a cigarette, where Spacey repeatedly asked the alleged victim to go back to his house. He refused, but continued to linger around the actor because he wanted a photo with him to post on Instagram.

While the two men were standing near a piano, Spacey rubbed the victim’s thigh, unzipped his pants, and touched his penis, the report says. The busboy texted his girlfriend about what was happening and, when she didn’t believe him, sent her a video on Snapchat.

According to the report, the young man did not initially report the incident because he was afraid of getting in trouble for underage drinking. He reportedly took a one-second Snapchat video of it, however, which is now in police possession. He and his girlfriend say the video shows Spacey touching the teenager, but Spacey's attorneys argue that it only shows their client touching the shirt of another person.

With yet another allegation public this week, Spacey decided to release a strange video entitled, "Let Me Be Frank," in which he played his old "House of Cards" character Frank Underwood to claim innocence. It was his first Twitter post since October 2017.

“I’m certainly not going to pay the price for the thing I didn’t do,” Spacey, as Underwood, says in the video.

It remains to be seen whether the YouTube video will be used as evidence in court.

On Friday afternoon, Spacey's legal team asked the judge if Spacey could skip his arraignment on Jan. 7 in Nantucket District Court. The reason was not disclosed.