Gary Hart's Former Lover Responds to 'Frontrunner' Film

Posted: Nov 20, 2018 4:08 PM
Gary Hart's Former Lover Responds to 'Frontrunner' Film

The Frontrunner, in theaters Wednesday, is reminding American audiences about Colorado Sen. Gary Hart's disgraced presidential campaign of 1988. The Democrat's run ended in scandal after reports of an extramarital affair he had with a woman named Donna Rice. 

Rice, now Donna Rice Hughes, is not exactly thrilled with the motion picture.

"For the past 31 years, various parts of my story have been told and retold in books, news stories, television documentaries, and now in a major motion picture, but not by me," Hughes said in a statement Tuesday. "The Front Runner is Senator Hart’s story, not mine. The film ends where the trauma in my life began, after my name was released to the press by the Hart campaign. The ensuing feeding frenzy was driven by the mainstream media, who, for the first time in the 24/7 news era, went both feral and viral."

However, Hughes still complimented actress Sara Paxton on her "compelling performance" in the film. She also said she is "grateful" to director Jason Reitman for portraying her character in "a sensitive and compassionate light." 

Politico noticed that too. Hughes "receives a prolonged and careful look here that’s rarely afforded the 'other woman' in the annals of political scandal," the outlet wrote in a review last month.

The film is based off the book, "All the Truth is Out." 

"However, all the truth is not out, as I have never told my own story," Hughes said. "I have chosen to remain silent, for the most part, about this devastating turning point in my life. Rather than exploit the situation for my own gain, I chose the high road and sought to use my pain to help others."

Hughes has since found a faith and a cause. She is now an evangelical Christian and started an organization called Enough Is Enough, which helps shine a light on pornography and the sexual exploitation of children. It turned into a PBS special called "Internet Safety 101," which won her an Emmy.

"By the grace of God, I found healing and restoration and eventually came full circle."

These days, she's enjoying just being a "fun grandma."