Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet Demolishes The Left's Climate Change Hysteria In 'Apocali Now!' Children's Book

Posted: May 11, 2019 3:00 PM

Conservative comedian Evan Sayet just released Apocali Now!a children's book that points out the Left's hypocrisy when it comes to climate change. For years, we've heard about how doomed we would be if we didn't address greenhouse gases and emissions. Year after year they tell is "this will be our final chance" and "we only have until [insert year here] before the world comes to an end." And, year after year, the year that was supposed to end it all comes and goes. Then they bring forth the next big fear factor. And we're seeing it again with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her "Green New Deal." 

Sayet did a great job exposing the Left for their repeated failures – ones they'd love for the rest of us to forget – in a way that children can understand.

According to Sayet, he began writing his next book, Countering Culture: The Left’s War Against All That Is Human, and dismantling the fake environmental epidemics the Left has clung to when it started to sound like a song. And that's where a child's book was born.

Sayet knows exactly how to bring down the Left because he's somewhat of a leftie himself. Here's what he told Frontpage Mag about his political philosophy, although it's not as black and white as others might believe.

Like a good many of us who now self-identify as “conservatives,” I thought myself a Liberal and thus a Democrat when I was a child. In those days, life in America was so halcyon that one didn’t have to think very deeply.  And when one doesn’t think very deeply, one believes themselves to be a Democrat. 

The truth is, I always was – and remain – a liberal. The problem is that the Liberal movement (upper case “L”) is not liberal in the slightest. It is the antithesis of liberalism. In fact, true liberalism resides in the Republican party and the conservative movement. After all, what we conservatives seek to “conserve” is this liberal democracy. My “come to Jesus” moment wasn’t that I didn’t believe what I believed; it was when I recognized that what I believed was not found on the Left.

These are just a few of my favorite pages in the book and a taste of what you'll see:

Click here to order your copy of Apocali Now! Your children will thank you down the road. 

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