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After blurting that the “pandemic is over” in September, Joe Biden finally announced last week that the emergency declarations will end on May 11.

So, after years of wreaking war-like havoc on America, the COVID stuff is now just … over.  


The pullout from the COVID “emergency” is promising to end with the same Biden thud as the war in Afghanistan after the botched withdrawal.  No regrets.  No sober reflection.  No accountability.  It’s over.  Move on.

Long before the Chinese spy balloon mess, the Afghanistan withdrawal so mortified members of the British Parliament that they loudly condemned Biden.

“My Lords,” said Lord Blencathra, “all my life I have been pro-American and favorably disposed to the United States, but not anymore at this moment.  What Biden has done in Afghanistan will go down in ignominy as one of the most shameful and despicable acts of betrayal by an American president.”  

Biden had no regrets.  He just dug in, taking the same advice he’d given to the former Afghan president weeks before Kabul fell to the Taliban.  

To change the “perception around the world,” he told Ashraf Ghani in a leaked phone call, “whether it is true or not,” there’s a need to “project a different picture.” 

In the same way, while the world was stupefied by video loops of America in full retreat, Biden projected the debacle as an “extraordinary success.”  

This was not just psychotically sloppy, it was strategic language-laundering used intentionally as a tool to “project a different picture” by any means necessary, regardless of the damage to America, and the extreme danger to precious human life.  


It’s what Democrats did with Russian collusion after Trump’s election.  Biden did it with the Jan. 6 “insurrection” and talk of the “extreme threat” of the “MAGA Republicans”; he did it with energy, inflation, race, the border and, most dangerously, with the drawn-out COVID “emergency,” where he used fear and threats to demonize “the unvaccinated.” 

I ended my column on the pullout this way: “The tidal wave of words condemning Biden’s pullout was refreshing.  But words alone will not stop these people.  If they can leave Americans in the hands of butchers and carry on the next day as if it never happened, they are capable of anything. … these people are dead serious about transforming America, and we’d better be just as serious about holding them accountable before it’s too late.”

Biden was never held accountable.  

So “good men,” repeatedly doing nothing, swung the doors open to a cascade of catastrophes.

But of all the nation’s catastrophes, none comes close to the way Chinese communists and the Fauci-types got away with seeding a Frankensteined version of the bat coronavirus (“allegedly”) that’s killed 6.7 million people globally, including 1,136,448 million Americans.  

Far worse than the disease was the global “cure” – a one-size-fits-all totalitarian response, reinforced by a mercenary disinformation industry, in which the current U.S. president – linchpin to the free world – was a willing and useful Manchurian idiot.  


On its scale, we’ve never seen anything like it. 

We now know that central planners, woke elites, and whole industries huddled with unelected “extraterrestrials” in global organizations to push for lockdowns and to force iffy shots and boosters into the arms of every human being on the planet, including babies.

It all went downhill with 15 days to slow the spread, a moment when a trusting America had hoped that we could hunker down, then get back to normal.  That hope turned out to be the sucker that kept a child-like public distracted with licking on a noble lie.   

For central planners, the “old normal” was never part of the plan.

Death and suffering aside, lockdowns were the cultural whiplash they needed to take great leaps toward a new normal where “many things will change forever,” as World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab put it in COVID-19: The Great Reset (June 2020).

“Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal,” Schwab wrote.  “The short answer is: never.  Nothing will ever return to the ‘broken’ sense of normalcy that prevailed before the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory.”

“Many things” turned out to be a global agenda of climate change, diversity and inclusiveness, equity, food “security,” and “inclusive capitalism” that, strangely, is the exact agenda that’s making America unrecognizable these days.


But while these elites were so giddy changing things forever, news kept seeping that COVID vaccines and protocols weren’t working as well as the “safe and effective” campaign promised.  The fully vaccinated  were dying from COVID, and there were spikes in cancers, heart issues, strokes, clots, and suicides.

Highly credentialed physicians like Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya had warned, as early as March 2020, that since the COVID threat may have been grossly overstated, locking the country down could cause irreparable damage.  Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis said that the modelers’ math, with predictions of 40 million deaths globally, was “horribly flawed” and “astronomically wrong.”

But rather than invite debate, the Fauci-types undermined such assessments as “nonsense and very dangerous.” That was enough for censors to flag these doctors as rabid, conspiracy-mongering anti-vaxxers who spout wild accusations about wacky pseudoscientific claptrap.

It worked.

Defying centuries of medical common sense, central planners were dead set on implementing a rigid strategy that eerily followed the script of a global pandemic exercise, Event 201 (put on by John Hopkins University partnering with the WEF and Bill Gates), teased out three months before the pandemic. 

During the exercise, an extreme global response was justified by an out-of-control novel zoonotic coronavirus, transmitted from bats, that threatened record global deaths.  


To “save lives,” leaders and respected experts like Bhattacharya who delegitimized the severity of the threat were flagged as purveyors of deadly “mis- and disinformation,” a made-up crime that, to co-exist with free speech protections, relies heavily on a predicate of mass death.

Event 201’s drastic public/private measures seemed to work as planned.  The mass deaths to justify those measures, fell a bit short.

“I have to repeat myself, because the information is so shocking and I don’t want you to miss it:” wrote Dr. Meryl Nass in Dr. Robert Malone’s book Lies My Government Told Me.  “… our government already knew of options for treating COVID before it appeared … It is astounding to learn that all the US (and many international) public health agencies took many different actions to increase deaths and destruction from COVID and prolong the pandemic by suppressing information on life-saving early treatments.”

If true, these were not innocent medical mishaps that deserve post-COVID amnesty; this was, at worst, homicide.  At best, they were despicable acts of unprecedented betrayal.

Either way, under the pretext of “saving lives,” central planners ruined economies, ruined the lives of pilots, military people, nurses, police, firefighters and hard-working people with “jab or job” vaccine mandates, and they downplayed the plight of the vaccine-injured.  


Worse, they increased the likelihood of death by suppressing safe and effective repurposed drugs, downplaying natural immunity, and censoring highly credentialed front line doctors who were actually saving lives. 

So no Joe Biden, come May 11, you can’t just end the emergency declarations and move on.  There’s got to be a reckoning the likes of which we’ve never seen.  

Without it, there will never be a return to what Klaus so arrogantly called, “the ‘broken’ sense of normalcy” pre-COVID, that we’ve all longed for. 

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