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When I was city editor at a local California weekly about 20 years ago, I returned from vacation to see a glowing cover story about two homosexual males, with their son, celebrating fatherhood for our Father’s Day issue.   


I was shocked.  Not because the subject was so controversial.  The freedoms that two consenting adults enjoy to live as they please are the same freedoms others enjoy to disagree with it.  It’s their business – unless it harms others.

But what bothered me was the sloppy journalism.  Rather than asking the tough questions to help readers think through a thorny issue, we became advocates.  As if deviating from the norm of the nuclear family – Earth’s civilizational force of gravity since the beginning of time – was no big deal.  By ignoring tough questions that I knew hung in readers’ minds, we had, in effect, decided that the debate was over.  “New families are the new normal.  Get over it.” 

No so fast. 

The biggest question, for me, was: What about the child?  It’s the same question I’d ask activist pro-choicers who say that abortion, no matter how far along in the pregnancy, is solely about a woman’s body and her reproductive rights.  It’s clearly not.  The baby, a separate body with its own unique mix of 46 chromosomes, is ruthlessly ignored. 

When this male couple decided to raise their son without a mother, that decision was no longer just about them.  Depriving a child of motherhood, by design, is clearly not in the best interest of the child.  But even back then, my reporter was so inebriated on her compassion for the couple that legitimate questions on the well-being of the child were completely ignored.  


I sat down with the reporter and explained, basically, Journalism 101 stuff.  She cried.  She was one of a new generation of journalists who were waking up into a league of their own – a return to advocacy journalism which, on the news side, was foreign to me. And on this issue, I was foreign to her. Journalism 101, as a common language, became babel.      

I thought about this young reporter’s Father’s Day story as I looked at the coverage of Calvin Klein’s Mother’s Day ad campaign depicting a pregnant woman who had transitioned to a man, Roberto Bete, cuddled with her partner, Erika Fernandes, a man who transitioned to be a woman. 

Klein and the woke media, full-blown advocates for the transgender movement, tried to convince people that “trans men” having babies is something new.

 “Yep, Trans Men Can Get Pregnant,” a reckless Yahoo News’ article headlined, as if there were any doubt.  “While a number of online critics seem to find the idea of trans men having babies confusing, the truth is that trans and nonbinary people with uteruses can, and do, give birth.”

But who ever said “trans and nonbinary people with uteruses” couldn’t have babies?  I’m no biologist, but “trans and nonbinary people with uteruses” are women.   Women have babies!  Who finds that confusing?  

What’s confusing is why the woke crowd, especially in the media, works so ruthlessly to push this stuff down our throats. Most Americans couldn’t care less about what trans people – 0.4 percent of the U.S. population – choose to do with their lives.  But that’s not good enough.  They want 99.6 percent of the population to believe 100 percent as they do, without questions.   


“Among the crowd madnesses we are going through at the moment, trans has become like a battering ram,” wrote Douglas Murray in The Madness of Crowds (2020), “as though perhaps it is the last thing needed to break down some great patriarchal wall.”    

Tearing down the great, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, patriarchal wall – America’s demarcation line of “normal” – is exactly the point for these woke revolutionaries, whether we consent or not.  And there’s big money in the battering ram business.  Calvin Klein is just one of a mob of businesses joining in on the wall-breaking.

Calvin Klein wrote on Instagram on Mother’s Day, “Today, in support of women and mothers all over the world, … we’re spotlighting the realities of new families.”  The trans couple said in the ad, “We can reproduce biologically or from the heart … our place is to love and be loved.”

Good for you, but I ask: What about your child?  

What impact will producing a baby “from the heart” have on your child?  Is there any interest in finding out what harm could be done to the well-being of a child born to a hormone-interrupted “trans man” who will be mothered by a man who transitioned to become a woman?  When you think of the harm this child is forced to face, what they’re doing is truly wicked. 

In 20 years, the craziness in America has reached biblical proportions and, today, even when we ask all the right questions and get the right answers, the truth no longer matters to the woke bunch with the battering rams.  


With teachers infecting students with indoor LGBTQ and BLM “protests”; the trans movement discipling kids with children’s programming; years of mask mandates for children; the fearmongering to get healthy children vaccinated with an increasingly questionable vaccine that may have unknown long-term problems for many of them – it looks like we’re back to the pre-Christian practice of sacrificing children, this time for the convenience and superstitions of self-centered adults.

And this stuff has gotten very dark. The gender identity religion has helped to accelerate the growth of people, many of them kids, who identify as animals. They’re called “furries,” a sub-culture of about 250,000 people in the U.S. who identify and dress up like anthropomorphic animals.  To the pronouns him, she, they and them, school kids have added “it.”

My co-worker’s daughter told us how creepy these kids have become; meowing like cats, barking like dogs, wearing whiskers, animal ears and tails to school; and how one student, a cat, requested that litter boxes be placed in the school bathroom.  Rumors that a Michigan school district honored such a request was debunked in January.  

Much of what we’re seeing today is the consequence of our gatekeepers, especially the media, failing to grapple with the tough civilizational issues that keep great societies glued together.  Not Elvis stuff, inconsequential fads that change from one generation to the next.  I mean immutable laws, natural laws, even God’s divine laws that remain unchanged whether we cooperate with them or not.  Today, we’re working against these laws, and it’s no surprise that they’re working against us.  


Still, with all that’s going wrong in America so quickly, we have no choice but to muscle our way above the insanity; if not for ourselves, for our children.

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