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n my last column, I explained how Obama’s policies badly damaged my businesses and careers. But more importantly, I explained how small business owners like me see Obama as a walking, living, breathing, curse upon business. Whatever he touches dies, or winds up in a coma. 


If you own a business and you see Barack Obama coming, “run, hide, fight.”

On the other hand, small business owners now rate Trump the highest of any president in the history of the United States. We don’t want to go back to Obama. Hell no.

The great news for us is that Obama is back. He’s out of hibernation. He’s out campaigning again. He should have stayed out of sight, out of mind. The pain and misery of Obama and his policies was fading from all of our consciences. But now Obama’s going to remind voters of how miserable life was under Obama. 

Democrats are delusional. They’ve been fed a pack of lies about Obama’s supposed “popularity” by the mainstream media for a decade now.

If Obama was so popular, how do you explain that this past week (on September 10th), Trump was at 48% approval with Rasmussen. On the exact same day of his presidency (on September 10th, 2010) Obama was at 42%. Trump is a full six points more popular than Obama with the only poll that measures voters accurately.

But that’s minor compared to real world results. Over Obama’s eight years in office, he was so “popular” he wrecked the Democrat Party. Democrats lost the House, Senate, majority of Governors, Lt. Governors, Secretaries of State, and a huge majority of state legislatures. Almost one thousand seats changed hands from Democrats to Republicans while Obama was president. With friends like Obama, Democrats don’t need enemies.

In short, the GOP dominated US politics while Obama was out campaigning as the leader of the Democrat Party and CEO of the economy.  How do you explain that?


Remember James Carville’s famous but simple line: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Americans vote with their pocketbooks and wallets. They knew Obama’s economy stunk to high heaven. They knew business was bad and getting worse every day. They knew only crappy low-wage, part-time jobs were created under Obama. Obama’s economy scared them to death.

Trump’s economy is powered by all the very things that destroyed Obama’s economy. Trump cut taxes. Obama raised them. Trump cut regulations. Obama added them by the thousands. Trump killed the Obamacare mandate and allowed consumers to buy cheaper plans. Obama made everyone spend a fortune, or face a large fine by the IRS. Trump approved the Keystone Pipeline, saved coal, and reversed all of Obama’s onerous energy policies. Now we have the biggest energy boom in history. 

Now Obama is taking credit for this economic boom. And says, “Remember when it all started.” Really? GDP was 1.9% in Obama’s final year. It’s 4.2% now. Obama is delusional. 

Obama says Trump lies, while he deals in “facts” and “truth.” That’s funny. Obama says the economic boom started under him. He said manufacturing jobs were gone forever  He said Trump would never turn around the economy. He said the IRS scandal was a small matter that came from one IRS office in Cincinnati  He said the Benghazi terror attack was caused by a movie. He said "If you like your doctor  you can keep your doctor." If Obama was Pinnochio, his nose would stretch to Cleveland. 

Obama is reminding American voters why they threw the Democrat Party out from top to bottom, across this country. They ruin the economy and jobs, then they lie about it. 


One other point needs to be made. Liberals will argue, “Wayne, Obama was elected as president twice.” Well, not really. The first time he was elected he had no record of any kind. He had no economic results to defend.

The second time Obama ran, I believe he used the IRS to steal the 2012 election. In the run-up to that election, Obama had the IRS Commissioner at the White House more than anyone else in his cabinet. He also met many times with the head of the IRS employees’ union. Obama met so many times with IRS big wigs, if I was Michelle, I’d have set up cameras and hired private eyes.

Obama used the IRS to steal the 2012 election. Obama’s IRS targeted, hounded, harassed and persecuted every conservative activist, donor and organization. Talk about collusion. Talk about conspiracy. Talk about interference in elections. 

So, in reality Obama was fairly elected nationally only once in his life- when no one knew what he stood for. After that, once people saw the results of Obama’s policies, it was nonstop defeat. 

All I can say is,  “WELCOME BACK OBAMA. We missed you on the campaign trail.”

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