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I’m going to tell you the tale of two presidents: Trump and Obama.

First, I’m going to introduce you to the worst racist ever in the White House. Then I’m going to introduce you to the worst jealous, bitter, sore loser ever in the White House.

Let’s start with President Trump. He is without a doubt the worst racist EVER. Oops. I guess you thought I meant Trump is a terrible racist. Nope. I don’t mean what liberals think I mean. I mean Trump is terrible at being a “racist.” Awful. The worst ever. 

No one has ever been worse at being a “racist” than Trump.

Afterall, would a racist create the lowest black unemployment EVER? Or the lowest Hispanic unemployment EVER? Or the lowest female unemployment in 65 years? Or the lowest youth unemployment in 50 years?

I’m betting we are also experiencing the lowest gay and Muslim unemployment ever. Everyone is doing great in the Trump economy- especially all the groups Trump supposedly hates.

Racists must be steaming mad. The KKK must be sick to their stomachs. Nazis must be throwing darts at Trump’s face. Real racists have to be longing for the days of Obama. Because Obama’s policies actually destroyed opportunity for black people. Obama’s policies were historically bad for minorities, women, gays and young people.

If you root for minorities to suffer misery and malaise, Obama is your man!

But Trump? Trump is the definition of a “reverse racist” - because he’s making life far better for all the people liberals claim he hates! Black business ownership is up 400% in the past year. Oh, the pain. The misery. This man is killing us!

Trump the supposed “racist” is the best thing to ever happen to black people, Hispanic people, women, young people, gays and even Muslims. Everyone is benefiting from his “racism.” Trump is proving prosperity knows no color. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Did you see the latest stats out on Friday? The economy is booming like a space rocket. We just added 201,000 jobs in August- more than expected. More Americans are working than at any time in history. Unemployment is at a remarkable 3.9%.

And get ready for this stat: Trump has only been president for 19 months and already over 20% of the job increases in this century have occurred during the Trump years. Since 2000 the US has added a net increase of 16.2 million jobs. But Trump has added 3.5 million net jobs all by himself. In only a year and a half!

President Obama lost 4.4 million jobs in his first 19 months. Trump gained 3.5 million.

But here’s the best news of all. Wage growth is the highest in 12 years. Average hourly earnings increased by 2.9% in August. Obama never achieved numbers like this in his dreams!

This is unreal. Trump is a magician. Trump is David Blane. Trump is David Copperfield. Trump is Houdini.

Now to the worst jealous, bitter, sore loser ever in the White House. That would be former President Obama. He hit the campaign trail on Friday and railed against President Trump. He blamed Trump for “the politics of division and resentment.” He called the situation “dire.” He called Trump a “bully.” He screamed about “bigots” and “fear mongers.”Obama called Republicans “radical.” Somehow he never mentioned the economy. Cat got your tongue, Mr. Obama?

Obama sees all these fantastic economic numbers and he’s unhappy. He can’t stand Trump’s success. He’s green with envy. Here’s a man who can’t take “YES” for an answer. He won’t rest until things turn negative for American workers.

If the greatest GDP and jobs numbers since Reagan are “radical”…if the highest black small business creation is “divisive”…if the lowest black unemployment is “dire”…if Trump is a “racist”…

Whatever Trump is doing, we need more!

Obama is jealous, bitter and a sore loser. Obama and the Democrats just can’t stand Trump’s success. They clearly want the economy to fail. They clearly hate Trump more than they love America. That’s sad, petty and pathetic.

Here’s my crystal ball: There is no blue wave. No one with a brain, of any color, wants to go back to the Obama economy.

As a matter of fact, now that sore loser, green-with-envy Obama is back on the campaign trail, reminding voters about the terrible Obama economy, a red storm is coming. While Obama was president, Democrats lost control of everything- US Senate, U.S. House, Governors, and most state legislatures. A total wipeout. Now he's back on the campaign trail trying to "help" Democrats. You know my reaction.

Glory Hallelujah. Thank God Obama is back. 

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