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I know what has Democrats so hysterical. And it’s not the separation of kids from their illegal alien parents at the border. 

If that was the issue, why didn’t Democrats, Hollywood liberals, or the liberal media speak up under Obama? Because this was America’s policy for eight years under Obama. Yet not a peep from liberals when Obama separated illegal alien parents from children. 

And that famous tear-jerker photo of young kids in a cage? Did you know it was taken in 2014- when Obama was president. Funny how Democrats blamed Trump for Obama’s photo. They didn't say a word in 2014. 

But it goes back much further. This became America’s policy in 1997 under Bill Clinton. So, this policy has been in place for 21 years and Democrats never noticed until now? Only now, under President Trump, has it come to their attention? Only now is the pain too much to bear?

Think for a minute about this. It’s certainly a tragedy that children are separated from their illegal alien parents. It is a tear-jerker. I get that. No one ever wants to separate children from parents. But…

Aren’t children separated from criminal parents every minute of every day in America? 

An angry female felon from Oklahoma called my national TV show a few days ago. She admitted her crime- felony drug possession. She took full responsibility. She served seven years in a federal prison for a non-violent offense. She was separated from her children for seven years. Hundreds of thousands of parents convicted of crimes go to prison each year- and they are all separated from their children. 

The female caller to my TV show feels anger that illegal alien criminals feel they are better than her. Why do illegal alien parents deserve a better deal than her? She had kids and she knew what she was risking. “So did they,” she argued. The moment they illegally cross the US border, they knew they were breaking the law and would be separated from their kids. That’s what happens to people who break the law. So, why should we treat foreigners who commit a crime more favorably than American citizens who commit a crime?

But wait, it gets better. Forget comparing American law breakers to foreign law breakers....

Let’s compare American heroes to foreign law breakers. 

Don’t our own American military heroes have to be separated from their own kids to serve overseas? Of course, they do. 

To serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines you will be separated constantly from your children. Our heroes in the military do it willingly. They volunteer to be separated from their kids to defend our freedoms. So, if that sacrifice is not too much for an American hero, why is it too much for a foreign law-breaker? 

Democrats value foreign illegal alien criminals over American military heroes? Really? It certainly appears so. 

I’ve never seen one Democrat, Hollywood celeb, or liberal journalist, protest or shed a tear about military parents being separated from their children. Have you?

I’ve also never seen one Democrat shed a tear, or get hysterical over “Angel Moms”- mothers whose children were murdered by illegal aliens. That’s forced separation for LIFE. These are American moms whose kids are murdered by foreign illegal alien criminals. They will never see their kids again. Where are the liberal tears?

So why now? Why blame Trump for decisions knowingly made by illegal alien parents? Why make this the number one headline in America? Because Trump is #WINNING. That’s what terrifies Democrats. That’s really why they are so hysterical. 

Trump’s approval rating at Rasmussen is higher than Obama. 

Trump's approval at Gallup is the highest of his presidency. 

The approval for “The Direction of the Country” is the highest in 12 years

Trump’s approval among voters of his own party is now higher than Obama, Reagan or JFK. It’s actually the 2nd highest in history at 88 percent. 

That’s why this issue suddenly reared its ugly head. It’s a WMD: “Weapon of Mass Distraction.”

Democrats aren’t worried about kids. They’re worried they can’t beat Trump.

By the way, I have the solution. BUILD THE WALL. No parent will ever be separated from their kids. Because they can’t get in. 

Problem solved.

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