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Trump's Secret Sauce: Illegal Immigration

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What's Trump's "Secret Sauce?"

Let’s start with polls. The mainstream media lied to us again. Rasmussen is the only credible poll. They got the 2016 election right on the money. 


Sure enough, the latest Rasmussen poll is out. Trump is at 51% approval. Not only is that fantastic, it’s five points higher than Obama at the same time of his presidency. 

It’s also telling that Trump's approval is 51, disapproval 48. More Americans approve than disapprove. But I thought the media says Trump is “the most unpopular president in modern history?” Liar, liar, pants on fire.

But there’s another poll out that explains these results. It shows 77% of Americans believe traditional media is guilty of “fake news.” That’s dramatically up from 63% a year ago. Eighty-seven percent also believe “fake news” permeates social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube. 

It’s Trump against the entire mainstream media and the entire Silicon Valley social media universe- and he's destroying them all. 

So what’s Trump’s “Secret Sauce?” Illegal Immigration. 

I believe illegal immigration and “the wall” won Trump the 2016 election. And I believe it’s the reason he’s doing so well in the polls now. Liberals are so out of touch with how real Americans feel about illegal immigration.

Exhibit A: Liberals are shocked and dismayed the Trump administration is putting the citizenship question back on the census. But the average middle class American loves it. Rasmussen reports Americans support the citizenship question by a massive 66% to 25% margin. 

Exhibit B: Liberals are shocked and dismayed at “extreme vetting.” They think we should let everyone in- including Muslim refugees, without the ability to vet them properly. The average middle class American knows we can never let that happen. They can see the UK has opened its borders to Muslim refugees and London is now “the acid attack capital of the world.” They can see London- with the strictest gun control laws in the world- is now leading New York City in murders for the first time since 1800. London was already leading NY in every other violent crime category. Now they "win" for murders too.


Americans can see Germany and Sweden opened their borders and are suffering an unprecedented rape epidemic. Women can no longer walk the streets at night. Every time there are mass rapes, the perps caught are described as “refugees.”

Americans can see France opened its borders and now suffers massive levels of rape, robbery and thuggery at the hands of "Moroccan refugee gangs." Sixteen hundred Paris residents took to the streets days ago to beg police to take action. The people of Paris say they are being “terrorized.”

Trump is right again. In spades. We can’t let just anyone into our country. We must question their beliefs. We must keep out anyone with insufficient records and of course, anyone with criminal records. We must comb through their social media history. If they support terrorism, or violence, or hate crimes against Jews or Christians, they can’t come into our country. We can’t make the same mistakes as Germany, Sweden, France or the UK. 

EXHIBIT C: Then there’s the so-called “Caravan” in the news. Fifteen hundred Central Americans have been traveling through Mexico towards the US border- daring us to stop them. They thought because of rules imposed by Obama, we were powerless to stop them. They assumed Trump had to abide by those rules. They assumed wrong. Trump is creative.

As of Tuesday, Trump appeared to have defeated the caravan. He got Mexico “motivated.” He threatened to kill NAFTA and remove foreign aid to Mexico. Mission accomplished. On Tuesday afternoon, Mexico announced it would disband the caravan and sent the “illegal border jumpers” among them back home. As of Wednesday, Mexican authorities had removed 400 participants. Bravo, Mr. President.


Trump also announced he will send the U.S. military to the border, until the wall is built. Trust me, the average middle class American is giving Trump a standing ovation. 

But I have one more weapon for Trump. It’s time to call for a tourism boycott. If Mexico doesn’t stop the flow of illegals crossing our border and refuses to pay for the wall, Trump needs to ask Americans to stop vacationing in Mexico. Cut Mexico off at the knees. Without U.S. tourism dollars, Mexico’s economy would collapse.

Keep this up, not only will Trump be re-elected, they’ll make room for him on Mount Rushmore!


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