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I know Donny Deutsch only too well. A stereotypical, spoiled-brat, New York liberal. CNBC had two fair-haired boys they were grooming to be the stars of their network in the early 2000’s: Donny Deutsch and Wayne Allyn Root. 


CNBC gave Donny his own TV show. They made the decision to give me two TV shows to host. My lawyer was on the phone with CNBC’s legal department finalizing my contract to become the new star of CNBC, when my phone rang. It was the Vice President of CNBC telling me the deal was cancelled. She explained CEO Jeffrey Zucker of the NBC parent company had overruled CNBC’s executives because he didn’t want my views on the air at CNBC. 

My career was ruined at CNBC by a liberal who wanted to censor my conservative views- even though I’m willing to bet at least 70 percent of the people watching CNBC are conservatives. The CNBC audience is business owners, business executives, Wall Street brokers and high income earners. My kind of people: Republicans. I lost a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and millions of future dollars because of liberal bigotry and delusion. 

Not to mention bad taste. Donny Deutsch spoke Zucker’s liberal language. So, Donny got the job and I didn't. But his show bombed. Donny was a dud. Boring. Not to mention too liberal for the viewers of CNBC.

Nice move Jeffrey Zucker. That brilliant judge of TV talent went onto ruin CNN and destroy their ratings too. 

The memory of my Donny Deutsch CNBC debacle came pouring back to mind yesterday because I saw Donny made news as a guest on MSNBC. Donny was asked about Trump’s re-election chances. For once I agree with Donny. 

Deutsch said Trump will be re-elected in 2020 by a landslide because the economy is booming and Americans have more money in their pockets. Most Americans base their vote on pocketbook issues, explained Deutsch. It’s rare to hear truth from a liberal.


Then Donny spoke more raw truth. He said, “That’s why Trump must be removed from office now.”

My old pal Donny revealed what liberals are all thinking, deep down. Trump is a lock for re-election by a wide margin. As Deutsch admitted, that’s why he must be stopped now. 

Crazed liberals scream for his removal…impeachment…even assassination. Because they know he is succeeding, he is effective, he is erasing Obama and fundamentally changing America back to a conservative, capitalist nation. They know they can’t stop him at the ballot box, so they have decided they have to stop him any other way they can- even resorting to violence, conspiracy and sedition. 

Liberals and the mainstream media (I know, I repeat myself) love to claim Trump’s ineffective. They say “He’s accomplished very little.” Liberal scholars recently rated Trump as the worst president in history. Really?

I consider The Heritage Foundation my “Bible of conservatism.” Heritage defines conservative. According to their ratings system, Trump is the most successful and effective conservative president in modern history. He scored far higher than my hero Ronald Reagan. 

Trump may be unorthodox. He’s certainly not like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or John Kasich or Ted Cruz. But he beat all of them. Then he beat “the unbeatable” Hillary Clinton. Then he became, according to the authority on conservatism, the most effective conservative president in history.


In recent days Trump offered up a deal to keep DACA immigrants in the USA. Conservatives weren’t happy. But Trump won over some immigrants.

Then he offered up multiple gun control measures. Conservatives weren’t happy. But Trump won over suburban moms.

Then he offered up trade tariffs on China. Conservatives and Wall Street went on the warpath. But Trump won over working class Americans.

The most conservative president in history won the right to move towards the center on a few issues by building a foundation even more conservative than Reagan. That gave him room for just a little compromise. That's how you win elections by a landslide.

Trump turns out to be a brilliant political strategist. He’s expanding the GOP tent like no other Republican in history. 

For perhaps the first time in his life, Donny Deutsch was right. Liberals had better remove Trump from office quickly-by hook or crook. Because the Trump train can’t be stopped any other way. 

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