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Isn’t that what the polls say? Democrats and the mainstream media constantly quote polls reporting that Donald Trump is “the most unpopular president ever.” Funny how this “unpopular president” just keeps winning and winning and winning.

5-0. 100% winning. Undefeated. Perfect. That’s this “unpopular” president’s record in special Congressional elections since his November upset victory. That’s Trump’s record in what the media called “Trump mandates.” 5-0. Perfect.

If 5-0 is “unpopular” then I want all Republicans to be unpopular. I want all of us to drink what Trump is drinking. C’mon President Trump, spread your unpopularity around! We all need to be this unpopular.

In the Georgia special election on Tuesday, Democrats spent over $23 million to defeat Trump’s candidate. Once again, they called it a “mandate on Trump.” They outspent the GOP an unheard of 7 to 1. They brought in all the big guns from DC and Hollywood. They threw in everything but the kitchen sink. And they lost- again.

Let it sink in a bit.

Trump and his team were outspent 7 to 1. Democrats spent the most money EVER spent on a House race. $23 million dollars for one House seat. Anyone could elect a ham sandwich with $23 million. Especially if the president is so “controversial” “disliked” and “unpopular.” It should be a slam dunk, right? Like shooting fish in a barrel.

And still Democrats couldn’t beat Trump.

It’s almost funny. 5-0? Look back at history. Everyone loses sometimes. Even highly popular presidents lose seats in Congress. It happens all the time. After winning an election, the party in power always loses seats. But “the most unpopular president ever” never loses. Ever. Not once.


What did Trump promise during the campaign? “We’re going to win so much, you’re going to get bored of winning.” Don’t look now, but it’s happened.

Trump doesn’t lose. As in never.

So, the question everyone should be asking is, “Is Trump Really Unpopular?” Because 5-0, 100% while under the wildest, most vicious, over-the-top mainstream media assault in history, certainly makes me doubt the accuracy of those polls.

I’m the guy who kept reporting during the entire presidential election cycle that the polls were wrong. They were sampling anyone with a pulse. Any warm body on the street. And among any low information voter on Hollywood Blvd Trump is indeed very unpopular.

The polls were almost universally oversampling Democrats.

But among LIKELY VOTERS Trump was and is pretty damn popular. And that’s not even taking into account millions of middle class voters who were afraid to publicly announce they supported Trump.

I named it “the Whisper Factor.” Few Americans advertised loudly their support of Trump. They whispered it only to their spouse…in private…at night…in bed.

That’s why Rasmussen was the only pollster I trusted during the election. Rasmussen only polled LIKELY VOTERS. They’re the only ones that matter. Rasmussen understands, if you don’t vote, your opinion doesn’t matter.

Well Rasmussen still polls only LIKELY VOTERS. Rasmussen polls today show Trump at 50% support- enough to be re-elected. Enough to win even the popular vote this time around. My very public prediction has been if the election were held tomorrow, Trump would win much more strongly than last November.

Trump’s 5-0 post-election record proves I may be under-playing my hand.

One more important takeaway from Tuesday’s Georgia special election. If polls were wrong again about Trump’s popularity…if another “Trump mandate” went bad for Democrats despite spending $23 million…if Democrats can’t find a way to beat Trump ever in the real world…

Did it ever occur to anyone that polls are dead wrong about Obamacare too? That perhaps the Silent Majority despises Obamacare. That perhaps the Silent Majority is united behind the repeal of Obamacare. That perhaps Obamacare is not “more popular” now than when passed. That perhaps the Silent Majority isn’t included in those polls?

The middle class has been slaughtered by Obamacare. Assaulted. Left for dead. Democrats committed fraud to pass it. It’s killed middle class jobs. Crippled the economy. It’s bankrupting Obamacare exchanges and entire states. It’s bankrupting middle class budgets. It’s killed consumer spending. I don’t need polls to tell me the truth- Obamacare is the most unpopular government program ever.

Obamacare is the main reason why Trump is president…and also why Trump is 5-0 and undefeated since November.

The polls are misleading and dead wrong now, just as they were dead wrong during the election…Trump is popular…Trump is unbeatable…Trump is 5-0 versus so-called “Trump mandates.” Democrats can’t beat Trump even when outspending the GOP 7 to 1. And it’s all because of Obamacare.

Obamacare has destroyed the Democratic Party. Obamacare is so deadly, Democrats can’t overcome it no matter what Trump says, no matter what Trump tweets, no matter how much the media slanders him, no matter how many protestors march in cities across America, no matter how many Hollywood celebs threaten assassination. Nothing can overcome the pain or destruction of Obamacare.

So, my message to the GOP Congress is…

Stop being afraid. The middle class has your back. The Silent Majority is 100% behind Trump. You have a free weekend pass. Obamacare has given you carte blanche. You now have permission and “cover” to pass the total and complete repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

What are you waiting for?

One more thing...

Trump was right. We're going to win and win and win some more. The Obamacare repeal will make our record a perfect 6-0.

This really could get boring.

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