Why 63 Million Trump Voters Will Never Leave Trump

Posted: May 26, 2017 12:01 AM
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Why 63 Million Trump Voters Will Never Leave Trump

The latest poll numbers are out. Rasmussen (the most accurate poll of the 2016 election) has Trump at 48 percent approval. 

It's important to note that's just about the exact same place he was at when he was elected president- just under half the country supports him. Since we come out to vote in much higher numbers...and we have an electoral edge in Midwest battleground states...48 percent is all Trump needs to win re-election again.

Keep in mind that's after the two worst weeks in the history of modern presidents. That's after two weeks of the most biased, vicious, negative media coverage in modern history. That's after firing the FBI Director.

That's after "obstruction of justice" accusations. That's after nonstop damaging leaks of his own conversations with world leaders.  That's after more accusations of collusion with the Russians. That's after supposedly passing classified info to the Russians. 

Poor, desperate, delusional liberals. I almost feel sorry for them. They actually thought- for a moment- they had Trump right where they wanted him. 

But Trump left D.C. behind for the world stage. He looked presidential. He gave a great speech in Saudi Arabia. He visited the Holocaust Memorial in Israel. He became the first sitting president to ever visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem (wearing a Jewish kippah). 

And then radical Islamic terrorists struck again. This time in Manchester, England. The barbaric, sub-human ISIS terrorists this time exploded a nail bomb in a stadium crowded with little girls at an Ariana Grande concert.

And just like that, 63 million Trump voters were reminded what matters...were reminded why they voted for Trump...were reminded why they’ll never leave Trump.

Sixty-three million of us didn‘t vote for Trump because he’s a saint. He’s not. Or a perfect politician. We don’t want him to be like traditional politicians. Trump doesn’t play by D.C. rules. Trump is a wild card- and we like it that way.

But after the Manchester terror attack, we’ve been reminded once again why we must stick by Trump for good. Because he’s the only one to keep our children safe at night. 

Nothing else matters.

Everything else is a minor distraction. We don’t care if Trump fired the FBI Director. Or why. That’s his prerogative. Obama never fired anyone because “the fix was in." Everyone in government was on his side.

We don’t care about what liberals claim was Trump’s “obstruction of justice.” It’s the same conversation every president has. Or don’t you think Obama leaned on the FBI Director to go easy on Hillary? We absolutely know Bill Clinton secretly meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac was obstruction of justice. Where’s that investigation?

We don’t care about a few friendly calls with Russian officials- the staff of every president-elect makes those same calls. We absolutely know Hillary selling much of America’s uranium stock to Russia in return for a few hundred million dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation was the real Russian scandal.

We know Trump didn't pass "classified info" to Russian officials. First, anything the President speaks about to other world leaders is instantly "declassified." That’s the law. Secondly, wasn’t Hillary the one with the leaked classified info problem? Democrats didn’t seem to care about that. Neither did the FBI Director.

And didn’t Obama hand classified info to the Russians twice? Where were the investigations then?

What matters is that Trump is the only politician who understands the threat radical Islam poses to our nation…our economy…our children. Trump keeps our children safe at night.

Trump understands the wall must be built to protect our southern border from terrorist cells sneaking into America. Democrats actually want the border open.

Trump understands we must give our border agents the power to secure the border. Democrats want to tie the hands of border agents and use taxpayers money to pay for lawyers for illegal aliens.


Trump wants to stop foreigners from specific countries that breed terrorism from gaining access to America. He wants "extreme vetting" so no one gets in to carry out terror attacks like the one in Manchester, UK. But un-elected liberal judges appointed by Obama care only about the rights of foreigners, illegals and terrorists. 

Trump wants to stop importing Muslim war-zone refugees into America. Democrats want to double the efforts of Obama to bring more refugees to our neighborhoods and schools. Ask EU citizens about how that policy worked out. 

Ask Sweden about rape epidemics. Ask Germany about women no longer being safe to walk the streets. Ask French parents of terror victims at that Paris concert hall. Ask Manchester, UK parents of young girls who never came home from that Ariana Grande concert. Ask honest policemen anywhere in the EU about the "no go zones."

One bad refugee is one too many to let into our country. Why would any sane leader take that chance?

Trump is our only chance to save America. To keep us from becoming the EU. To keep our children safe at night. 

Sorry my desperate, delusional liberal friends. The FBI firing didn’t help your cause. The Russia "fake news" story didn’t help your cause. The false “obstruction of justice” charge didn’t help your cause. I hate to break it to you, but…

None of the 63 million Trump voters will ever leave Trump. The latest Rasmussen poll proves that. We're not going anywhere.

Because all the negative Trump news pales next to keeping our children safe at night from the crazy, radical, hateful people Democrats want to bring to America. We understand it’s Trump, or it’s the end of America. 

For better, or worse, we’re sticking with Trump forever.