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Bigly: Donald Trump in Verse

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President Trump is a poet, and he doesn't even know it.

"Bigly: Donald Trump in Verse" is a compilation of President Trump's famous quotes, "unconventional quips," and "witticisms" by comedian and two-time Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Rob Long. Long, the writer of Cheers and the CBS show Kevin Can Wait, has hilariously taken the president's best lines from his interviews, speeches, campaign rallies, and complaints to arrange them into a work of art. Each page will cause the reader to crack a smile, let out a chuckle, give a shake of the head, or even laugh out loud.

Whether you are a conservative or a liberal, a political junkie who may or may not appreciate President Trump's politically incorrect speech, you will find the work to be particularly entertaining.

The book contains 100 poems that reveal how, in his plain speak, President Trump feels about life, love, beauty, and death. Poems range from President Trump's comments on living life as a celebrity to his famous hairstyle to whether or not he prefers to drink Coke or Pepsi.

While the news media is always covering the president for reasons both positive and negative, whether you love him or hate him, Long's book gives readers a break from the political chaos and gives free speech supporters the opportunity to recognize the 45th president's sense of humor and his unfiltered, informal style.

In the introduction to the book, Long reveals what makes President Trump's poetry different from every other poet; Trump is revealing and honest. He doesn't take the time to phrase his words carefully, and he is not as structured as his businessman persona appears. 

Often President Trump talks and tweets in the third-person. Though many people take notice and even mock the president for this at times, when he does so it reveals a different side of him. When Donald Trump talks about Donald Trump, it appears as if he's analyzing his life from the outside looking in. These poems show where Donald Trump is most like himself and, as argued by some, at his best.

Here are a few poems from the book:

It's My Hair II

I will never

Change this hairstyle

I like it.

It fits my head.

Those who criticize me

Are only losers and envy people

And it is not a wig,

It's my hair.

Do you want to touch it?


This is infinity -

It could be infinity -

We don't really - don't know -

But it could be -

There's gotta be something -

But it could be infinity -


Whining And Winning

I do whine,

Because I want to win,

And I'm not happy

About not winning,

And I am a whiner,

And I keep whining

And whining

Until I win

The poems ultimately separate Donald Trump from his celebrity and business mogul persona. As Long explains and hopes to reveal in this work, Donald Trump the Poet is different from Donald Trump the Builder.

The two are not one and the same. The poet sees the man beneath the gilding. The poet reveals the man beneath the orange.

Rob Long's book, published by Regnery Publishing, is now available to the public on Kindle or in hardcover. "Bigly: Donald Trump in Verse" can be purchased here.

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