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The Budget Democrats Don’t Want You to See

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With the embarrassing collapse of the “Super Committee” and its inability to come up with even a nominal $1.2 trillion “cut” from an artificially bloated ten year baseline, budgeting in the nation’s capital has reached a new low. Remember that this latest failure is on top of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s refusal to pass a budget resolution – the blueprint that sets the roadmap for annual appropriations and program authorizations for the fiscal year – for three years running. Facing an unprecedented $15 trillion in debt, this abdication of Congress’s first responsibility puts at risk any hopes of economic recovery and the futures of our children and grand children, who will literally pay for Washington’s profligate ways with lost opportunities and massive tax burdens. Given their demonstrated inability to set priorities, why would Senate Democrats block grassroots citizens trying to do it for them? That’s exactly what happened earlier this month when over 250 citizens traveled to Washington to deliver the findings of the Tea Party Debt Commission (TPDC), a bottom-up crowd-sourced plan to balance the budget and reduce the national debt. Read more:


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