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NY Mag Hits Rand Paul

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New York Magazine apparently believes that opposing foreign aid is literally xenophobic - rooted in irrational fear of foreigners - and is willing to engage in some pretty sketchy journalistic practices to make its case. Those are a pair of lessons Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., learned on Tuesday.

Paul's opposition to all foreign aid - including that given to Israel - is not so much "anti-Zionism," New York wrote. "Actually, it's more xenophobic," since he opposes it as a matter of policy. The New York article went on to selectively quote a Politico piece noting that Paul “skipped out on [Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s] speech, sitting quietly at his desk shuffling through papers and newspapers,” in what was described as a “silent protest of America's foreign aid to Israel.” While that is of course worth noting, New York then chose to ignore the four subsequent paragraphs addressing Paul's defense.

Whether or not Paul was actually protesting the speech is a secondary point. New York Magazine is apparently bent on ignoring facts that contradict - or even claims that present alternatives to - their attack on Paul.

Here's what New York had to say about Paul's supposed protest:


At least one member of Congress wasn't clapping — or even listening. Tea party freshman Rand Paul, "staging what appeared to be a silent protest of America's foreign aid to Israel," opted instead to shuffle through papers on his desk. But don't mistake Paul's protest as anti-Zionist. Actually, it's more xenophobic. Earlier this year, he came under fire from both sides of the aisle for proposing cutting all U.S. foreign aid.

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