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The current fad of #Shout Your Abortion represents a real shift in the abortion mindset as “safe, legal and rare,” which has given way to a reality in which members of the U.S. Senate can’t agree to stop infanticide by abortion vendors. Add to that an unsettling vote this week in Minnesota where a city council went even further in celebrating abortion. 


This week, Saint Paul Minnesota City Council met to discuss whether March 10, 2020 would be recognized as Abortion Providers Appreciation Day in Saint Paul to “honor” abortionists. During the public hearing, 1 RES 20-416 was unanimously passed, 7-0. 

The timing of the resolution was not an accident, as pro-choice and pro-lifers stood head to head at the U.S. Supreme Court, protesting for the passing or dismissal of women’s healthcare. Currently, Louisiana law does not require that women who have a failed abortion gain admitting privileges to receive the necessary and urgent care in emergencies. The Unsafe Abortion Protection Law Act aims to require admitting privileges at hospitals for less than 30 miles away for the safety of women and preborn babies.

The resolution passed in Minnesota directly refutes The Unsafe Abortion Protection Law Act, as it states, “The Supreme Court of the United States now contains a majority of Justices who may not interpret the Constitution to provide protection for the right to end a pregnancy and may overturn or severely limit Roe v. Wade, which includes the threat of women patients and abortion providers being arrested and sent to jail.” But 1 RES 20-416 left out the threats that women and preborn patients face because of abortion vendors.

Social media influencer, bloggers, and former abortion vendors are exposing the dangers of the abortion industry every day.


Social media influencer Serena Dyksem, a woman who survived a brutal abortion, bravely shares her story of abortion and says, “I was raped at thirteen and taken for an abortion. The abortion was worse than the rape… I was yelled at for screaming. I was sent out the door hemorrhaging.” The Coalition for Life St. Louis reported that ambulances were seen at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis 61 times in the year of 2016 because the physical dangers women face in abortions are not uncommon. 

The damage to women’s physical health does not just follow directly after paying for an abortion, but for a lifetime. Serena struggled with reproductive issues following the abortion. She lost an ovary and almost bled to death twelve years later; and eventually had to undergo a full hysterectomy by the age of 29.

The trauma goes beyond physical, plaguing women with mental illness, as well. Serena admitted she suffered with flashbacks. “I tried to block everything out and not remember,” but she was eventually diagnosed with PTSD following her abortion.

And it is evident that abortions do not just affect the victim, but abortions have affects for generations. “I would later turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of the abortion. I struggled with depression and had a hard time parenting my kids…” Thankfully, after years of receiving support, Serena has healed from her abortion and now raises her children with her husband.


Toni McFadden, founder of Relationships Matter and pro-life speaker, has said she was given the RU-486 pill as instructed and later started hemorrhaging. “I had blood clots the size of my fist leaving my body. I sat on a toilet for hours, in so much pain, and bleeding… I could have died.” 

While Minnesotan council members are celebrating abortionists putting women and children’s lives at risks, pro-life constituents stand and protest for the protection of women and children. The Unsafe Abortion Protection Law Act ensures true healthcare for women; and the people advocating for it, and the women, like Serena and Toni, who have survived before it, should be the ones honored.

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