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The Bureau of Labor Statistics agrees that reforms put in place by Gov. Scott Walker (R) and the Wisconsin legislature have resulted in a net gain of 23,000 jobs. This comes after Democratic candidate Mayor Tom Barrett and others accused Walker of "cooking the books" on the number of jobs created in the state.

According to the Post Crescent, the BLS confirmed the numbers put out by Walker over two weeks ago. This has been a major focus of the unions and Progressives who are looking to recall Walker since he instituted Act 10, which curtailed the ability of public employee unions to engage in collective bargaining. In addition to the jobs increase, Wisconsin has eliminated its $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes, and is currently enjoying a $150 million surplus.

Luke Hilgeman, Wisconsin state director of Americans For Prosperity, said that the confirmation of the numbers coincides with the feelings of Wisconsinites:

We saw it in the Marquette poll yesterday, where the numbers (on faith in the economy) went from 20% just 10 days ago, to 38%. People know the truth. They know the reforms are working. There is more prosperity on the horizon, thanks to the budget reforms.

It is another failed message from the left. One of the messages they tried to drive from the beginning; (Walker's reforms) would drive down private sector growth, (people would) lose their homes and their cars. None of that happened. They still have great jobs and still have their pensions.

At rallies across Wisconsin, people brought signs showing the amount of money they have saved because of the budget reforms. Progressives say they (suddenly!) are not worried. Even former North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan referred to it as a "food fight," stating:

This exists in Wisconsin. This is not a message for anybody anywhere. It's not a harbinger of what might happen between Obama and Romney at all...this is a food fight in Wisconsin.....I know a bit about what the Governor did, I know a bit about the Koch brothers who are sending a lot of money up in that direction...

Move along. Nothing to see here. Blame the evil Koch Brothers. The people of Wisconsin see it all, and see it much differently.

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