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Let’s be honest: our world is going to Hell in a handbasket.

Prices for food and energy are on the rise, families cannot afford to buy a home, and the political games we see in Washington have only gotten worse. Unfortunately, those political games have serious consequences. It is clear that Joe Biden is not up to the job as commander-in-chief. Irresponsible Biden and Democratic rubber stamps that prop him up like Jacky Rosen have weakened our country. We are seeing the damaging and heartbreaking effects play out in real time. The result is a house divided that cannot stand.

As a 20-year Air Force veteran, it is infuriating and painful to watch as a single administration destroys the American Dream and our standing on the world stage in real-time. Abject failures around the world have invited America’s enemies to take advantage of us and our biggest allies, and their assessment has been proven correct by Joe Biden. Biden has failed time and time again to stand firm against our enemies.


It has been over two years since the president’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and I am still beyond angry over our fallen troops and chaos caused. Biden’s mismanaged abandonment prompted an immediate regime change by the very terrorist organization that the U.S. had been trying to dismantle for the last 20 years. It set the stage for our adversaries to act upon, fueling three years of international turmoil that otherwise would have ceased to exist. It didn’t have to be this way, but Biden’s need for political symbolism cost American lives. His reckless abandonment of Afghanistan endangered our friends on the ground who were instrumental in assisting our military forces there for decades.

Since then, Biden’s weakness has continued. Failure by the Biden administration and the inaction taken by his liberal lackeys bolstered Russia’s comfort on the world stage. It prompted Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, resulting in over 31,000 Ukrainian deaths. That invasion, unfortunately, carries on to today.

In my military career, I oversaw B-2 bomber test programs and advised our intelligence leaders from the Pentagon. I have seen firsthand the importance of America promoting peace through strength and capability rather than kowtow to foreign interests. I grew up across the world, living in Africa and graduating high school in Bangkok, Thailand. I have seen the effects of communism and oppressive regimes firsthand. It is now more important than ever for our great nation to lead with strength and our American ideals than ever before.


This month, during Biden’s State of the Union Address, the President gave a blatantly partisan speech attacking his political opponents rather than presenting a clear, strong vision for our country moving forward. Most notably, Biden used his speech as an opportunity to criticize Israel and its leaders in a now infamous hot mic moment. Biden went after one of our most critical allies, saying that he and Israel’s Prime Minister will need to have a “come to Jesus meeting.” This comes as Israel fights for its survival against a terrorist regime that’s goal is to eliminate every Jewish person worldwide, including American Jews. The President’s initial stance in support of Israel after the attacks quickly withered under pressure from Democrats, advocating for support for Hamas.

Rather than standing firm in his beliefs of good and evil, Biden opted out of morality and into social progressivism, now demanding that our long-time ally stop fighting for their survival against a terrorist organization that committed the most significant attack on Israelis since the Holocaust.

Americans deserve strength and resolve on the international stage. Joe Biden has been an elected official for over 40 years but even his old boss, Barack Obama, knows “Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” I have risked my life proudly serving my country and have seen the lasting effects of a weak and corrupt government. Americans should feel secure under a strong administration that projects strength and resolve.


I’m not a politician. I’m just a guy who sees a problem and wants to fix it the best way I know how. I served my country proudly for 20 years and am ready to step up and serve again. The job of the Senate is to be a check on the presidency. Clearly, Joe Biden needs a power check from a veteran who knows what it means to keep America strong and secure.

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