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In his July 4th weekend speeches, President Trump delivered what conservatives had begged for since President Reagan and his Evil Empire speech:  an unapologetic affirmation of the ideals of America and its founding.  He rendered them with a thorough denunciation of America’s detractors and enemies, most importantly singling out “far-left fascism…and cultural revolution.”  He offered no concession to the “[t]he radical ideology attacking our country,” disguised as demonstrations for “social justice.”  He called out anyone remaining “quiet at the destruction of this resplendent heritage” as incapable of “leading us to a better future” (a plain reference to his fall election opponent, Joe Biden).  And he conspicuously declared it “time for our politicians to summon the bravery and determination of our American ancestors.”


If you happened upon this space last week, I pronounced judgment upon the Republican Party, for 20 years of dereliction of duty.  Thanks to his speeches last weekend, President Trump has given it a chance at a pardon.  But the GOP must earn it, and the President must hold it to earning it.

In the meantime, Mr. President, besides the millions of regular Americans who loved your speeches and love this country, you are all you have against the mob and Biden.  The fall campaign is headed for a clear choice between a vigorous first-term president that delivered the greatest economy in US history with record-low unemployment (among African-Americans the lowest ever recorded), and a barely-coherent career Washington Democrat hopelessly beholden to his party’s radical left.  Bent on imposing socialism, destroying American history, culture and America’s way of life, these radicals mean to complete the “transformation of America” begun under Barack Obama. Biden tweeted as much over the weekend.

For decades in Washington (most of them coinciding with Biden’s career there), it has been conventional wisdom with Republicans that “compromise is moving to the left.”  It is a course Republicans have steadfastly pursued for seventy years, in the foolhardy pursuit of “bipartisanship” to “get something done.”  That “something” has almost always resulted in a poorer deal for and weakening of America.  And just like appeasing a bully or a spoiled child, it only leads to more demands, more tantrums.  This decades-long appeasement and compromise have now brought us violent radicals in the streets.  Establishment commentators shake their heads wistfully and say, “who knows what will satisfy these people?”  This sentiment is either unforgivably ignorant or dishonest after having incessantly ceded ground to the left since the days of the Soviet Union.  It is abundantly clear what “these people,” the left, want.  Karl Marx spelled it out in 1848 and every leftist group that has followed has adopted his prescription --- if not in name, then in practice:  the imposition of communism.  If the United States is to maintain the way of life that it uniquely brought the world 244 years ago, guaranteeing personal liberty through a constitutionally established (and limited) government, the days of compromise must end.  The rioters have demonstrated thoroughly and completely, that for those that love America and what it represents, further compromise means destruction.


Mr. President, you know after four years of unrelenting media and leftist attacks that they are all diversions, based on lies.  America voted for you because you fight, and it is that attitude that has triggered the media to the point of exposing itself for the leftist apologists and Democrat partisans that they are.  As you continue standing up for hard-working, God-fearing, patriotic Americans, keep reminding us that your targets are seeking to destroy America.  With that unmatched Twitter game, call out the radical and Marxist left-wingers – every time.  The Democrats will continue to try to distract and change the subject, as they’ve manipulated COVID and manufactured incessant crises for your administration since day one.  Democrats have no answer to your record America First economic policies that, pre-COVID, also brought foreign and trade policy and respect for life and liberty at home that wins for America instead of weakening it.  So they stoke chaos.

As I said, you delivered for conservatives what no so-called conservative had for over thirty years this past weekend.  The media and Democrats answered with their shrillest invective of tired charges of racism and bigotry yet.  This tells you you are winning, which means the American people are winning. They don’t want their nation transformed, they want it honored and defended.


America knows you are an unapologetic patriot, Mr. President, just like them.  They can’t hear enough of it --- and it drives the fake news media completely insane.  Stick with it.  Keep calling out the agents of mayhem and leftist chaos.  Keep answering them as the subversives and radical Marxists they are. Keep winning.  For America – all the way to November 3rd.

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