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Illinois Liberals Get a Holiday to Celebrate Their Messiah - Barack Obama

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Liberals across the state of Illinois now have a holiday to honor the birth of their Lord and Savior -- President Barack Obama. 

Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law legislation that would designate August 4th as "Barack Obama Day."

NBC News Chicago reports the holiday will be "observed throughout the State as a day set apart to honor the 44th President of the United States of America who began his career serving the People of Illinois in both the Illinois State Senate and the United States Senate, and dedicated his life to protecting the rights of Americans and building bridges across communities," Senate Bill 55 reads. 

There is a similar holiday honoring President Ronald Reagan. 

However, Democrats were hoping for a much grander celebration for the man once called "Chicago Jesus."

They wanted a holiday on par with the one commemorating the birth of Christ. They wanted schools to close and government offices to shut down. 

"It's incredibly proud for Illinois that the president came from Illinois. I think it's awesome, and I think we should celebrate it," the Republican governor told NBC in February. "I don't think it should be a formal holiday with paid, forced time off, but I think it should be a day of acknowledgment and celebration."

Lawmakers subsequently rejected attempts to close schools and state offices on Barack Obama Day -- pointing out schools are not closed on Reagan's holiday. 

The first Obama holiday is scheduled to be celebrated in 2018.

I can only imagine how festive and culturally inclusive that first celebration will be -- church bells ringing, homes decked out in rainbow colors and stockings filled with taxpayer-funded cell phones.

And do not be surprised if you come across Windy City carolers singing with great gusto, "We wish you a merry Barack-mas" or "Joy to the World, Barack has Come."

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