Trayvon Protesters Terrorize Family En Route to Hospital

Posted: Jul 18, 2013 10:23 AM

A Texas grandmother was terrified after Trayvon Martin supporters surrounded her SUV, hit her in the head and tried to prevent her from taking her sick grandchild to the hospital.

The grandmother, along with her daughter and granddaughter were trying to get the Texas Children’s Hospital when protesters blocked traffic on a highway.

“When we first drove up I thought it was a wreck,” said Georgia, who asked that her last name not be used. “When we got closer, I realized all these protesters were everywhere. They weren’t letting us through.”

Georgia told Fox News she was trying to get her seven-year-old granddaughter to the emergency room.

“I rolled down the window and explained that we were trying to get to the hospital,” she said. “He motioned them to let us through.”

But when the family drove onto a grassy area, the crowd swarmed the SUV.

“They were screaming and chanting,” she said. “They jumped in front of us and surround the SUV. I screamed back that we were just trying to get to the hospital.”

A CBS cameraman captured the aftermath of the incident on video. It shows one protester hitting the windshield with his fist and grabbing Georgia’s arm. The man also tried to open the back door of the vehicle.

“We were shaking,” she said. “Our bodies were shaking. We were terrified.”

At some point in the altercation, Georgia said she was hit in the head and her daughter punched the accelerator. Once they reached a safe distance, they called 911.

“They said they would send a patrol car,” Georgia said. “I said, we need an Army, not a patrol car. There were hundreds of people on the freeway.”

Houston Police told Fox News they are investigating the incident – but so far no arrests have been made.

Georgia told Fox News she’s not quite sure why they were targeted by the protesters.

“We were just trying to get to the hospital,” she said. “But they didn’t want us to go through. They were trying to stop us.”

Georgia said the ordeal has left her shaken and she’s considering getting a firearm.

“I’ve never had one but you never know when you’re going to need it,” she said.

The family eventually made it to the hospital and the seven-year-old is doing just fine.