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The largest number of voters of faith in U.S. electoral history voted overwhelmingly in 2016 for President Trump based largely upon his promise to nominate judges such as Brett Kavanaugh. 


Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a devoted Christian family man with a lifetime of integrity and partisans on both sides agree that he is one of the most eminently qualified Americans to ever serve on the federal courts. 

Unfortunately, the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to serve as the next Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court is in question because of an orchestrated, last-minute attempt by Senate Democrats and their enablers in the mainstream press to smear his character through unsubstantiated sexual assault claims in a desperate attempt to delay his confirmation vote to pacify the Democratic base for the mid-term elections.

Judge Kavanaugh has categorically denied that the events described by his accusers ever occurred and agreed to testify again before the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend himself against these allegations. In a long distinguished career in American politics and the judiciary, Judge Kavanaugh has undergone six FBI background checks for high-level security clearances, and the most outstanding law enforcement organization in the world found absolutely nothing. Members of the U.S. Senate submitted, and Judge Kavanaugh answered, 1325 written questions and found absolutely nothing. Judge Kavanaugh held 65 meetings with U.S. Senators, and was not asked about allegations even once, although several Democrats knew of the accusations beforehand. Judge Kavanagh endured over 32 hours of public hearings and Senate Democrats once again found nothing.


The Democrats are desperate for a rallying point for the mid-term elections and after failing to significantly smear the character of Justice Neil Gorsuch, and failing to sufficiently attack Judge Kavanaugh, the thirst for conservative blood from the Democratic base has not been quenched by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his Caucus, and now they are attempting to make up lost ground. 

This eleventh-hour orchestrated attempt by Senate Democrats to assail the character of an outstanding family man, judge, and community volunteer should be taken at face value - an unfounded character assassination attempt against Judge Kavanaugh to motivate the Democratic base in November. 

Senate Democrats’ Hail Mary pass is falling flat and will not ultimately work. President Trump, Majority Leader McConnell, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, and Senate conservatives are determined to hear from all sides, and provide fair hearings for all parties involved, and ultimately Judge Kavanaugh will be vindicated and sworn-in to the October Supreme Court term.

The Democrats smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh to motivate the base is backfiring. The anti-Trump fervor has already solidified a robust Democratic turnout in November. The electoral result of the smear against Kavanaugh is an outrage and motivated conservative grassroots. Millions of faith voters will answer this political assassination attempt by continuing to pressure their Senators to confirm Judge Kavanaugh and will once again turn out in large numbers in November to hold Democrats accountable for their reprehensible attacks on an outstanding family man and jurist.


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