Liberal University Destroys Anti-Fracking Talking Point

Posted: Nov 17, 2014 12:01 AM

B-I-N-G-O. They nailed it. Finally, an unbiased academic study that reiterated what we’ve been advocating all along on Powering America Radio.

The University of Colorado, Boulder, by no means a bastion of pro-fracking advocacy, studied that dastardly substance that many a seasoned environmentalist have repeatedly used to demonize American Energy Independence: Frack Fluids.

Their finding? What’ goes down the well is no more hazardous than what lies beneath your sink, or sits atop your laundry closet.

This was the first-ever scientific report anywhere, and was conducted by a team of researchers from CU Boulder. They studied wells in Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Texas. The results showed that the chemicals found in the fluid samples showed they were the same chemicals found in fluid samples from everyday household products found in your home. Specifically mentioned were toothpaste, laxatives, detergent and even ice cream.

We created an infographic that puts it in simple language and you can see it by clicking this link.

I feel relieved. We knew this all along from the multiple vendors with whom we work closely. We knew these folks weren’t dumping random toxins down into the earth. These are highly regulated processes, overseen by multiple PhD level scientists, carefully tracked by multiple state agencies.

Environmentalists have turned fracking into a boogieman for several reasons. American Energy Independence from the shale revolution stalls their agenda of advancing exclusive renewable energy. Problem is, have you ever seen an airplane run on solar panels? Or better yet, a windmill? No thanks on that one.

Fracking is a generally safe process that is performed without incident some 18,000 times a year. It’s created hundreds of thousands of direct jobs, and well over a million non-direct support roles. It has the Saudi’s nervous and is providing hope that America can power itself with it’s own fuel.

I’m thrilled to see science, especially from a liberal University with excellent credentials, issue a non-biased report. Keep Frackin’ America.

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