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A New Contract with America

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There is no better time for the GOP to craft a new Contract with America to drive the campaigns for both the 2022 midterms and 2024 Presidential election year. That's right, it should focus their campaign strategy for the next three years. Why? Even if there is an overwhelming GOP landslide next November, the chances of having a big enough swing to be able overcome a Biden veto is unlikely. No matter what Republican candidates promise; it will be hard to meet expectations until we have a president in office who will support their agenda.


Even with that limitation, it is vital to proceed and clarify what we stand for. It isn't just the candidates conservatives need to elect; it's being mindful about what they promise to do once elected. In our polarized America with deep political division, this election should provide a real choice. It's time to bring clarity to what voting Republican would mean. Here are five issues that Biden's inept leadership has brought to the forefront. Run on these issues, and the Democrats will face major defeats in both houses of Congress:

Secure Border: Americans have watched hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants overwhelm our Southern border with few if any controls. With materials in place, gaps in the wall have not been completed. Millions in building materials are left to rust and rot. Illegal immigrants are welcomed, bused or flown throughout the US. Many have COVID; others are convicted criminals. There is some progress in judges requiring we return to the Trump policy of first retaining those seeking asylum in Mexico. But we need to be clear. It is time to control our border and finish the Southern border wall. Our candidates must promise to do everything they can to restore a secure border.

Law and Order: People have flirted with defunding police and liberal district attorneys are refusing to prosecute many criminals. We are now seeing the results in our cities. Crime is on the rise. In major cities, we see groups of thieves driving up to department store and unleashing eighty robbers smashing displays and grabbing expensive jewelry and handbags. Few are caught or prosecuted. Without having to post bail, many are let go the next day. Crime pays in today's America. People are afraid, and they want to restore order in their cities. Conservatives must stand for rigorous prosecution of crime, require cash bail, support law enforcement officers there to defend us and secure safety for our cities.


School Choice: Democrats love living off of teacher unions. In return, Democrats support their monopoly on public education. It's time to stand for school choice and deliver it once in office. The rich have an ability to send their children to the school of their choice. Instead of funding over-priced public schools and supporting teacher unions and even the poor teachers they keep defending, give that money to parents in the form of vouchers. Let parents choose the schools for their children. In Sweden, school choice is a right. When schools in Sweden had to compete for students, even public schools improved. Public schools were given the power to fire bad teachers, and they did because good teachers mean more students. Public schools put tablecloths and flowers on lunch tables. Monopolies don't work; competition works. This is a winning issue for minority voters who are tired of their children being trapped in bad schools. Run on school choice and win.

Energy Independence: President Biden has done everything he can to eliminate the energy independence President Trump and Republicans had worked hard to create. He's stopped pipelines and drilling on federal lands. Under the cover of unproven climate change fears, Democrats have done everything they can to increase the cost of energy-gasoline and natural gas. "Clean energy" is expensive and does not consistently provide the energy we need to sustain a strong economy and good jobs. They aren't even taking advantage of the safest energy source-nuclear, a power France has benefitted from for decades. Stand for completing the Keystone Pipeline, open drilling again on federal lands, build safe and clean nuclear energy sites, and give American citizens energy they can once again afford.


Smaller Government: President Biden has exploded the cost and the size of government, and he promises to do even more. Americans do not like big government; they want free individuals protected from in invasive government bureaucrats. Trump worked hard to eliminate unnecessary regulations and bureaucracy. The deep state fought back. As a result, there is so much left to do. Promise to resume that priority form day one. Biden says his expensive programs are paid for; they are paid by higher taxes on high-income Americans. These are the very people that fund economic growth and create the businesses that hire their fellow Americans. By increasing the taxes on the very Americans who already pay most of the taxes Democrats will hurt economic growth and the jobs it generates. Elect politicians that will hold the line on spending instead of unleashing more debt and higher taxes.

When the Republican Party promises to deliver on these issues, they will win an overwhelming victory in November of 2022 and take back the presidency in 2024. The Democrats, with only a slim margin in both houses of Congress, have driven America to the edge of rampant socialism. They know they are in danger of losing in 2022, so they are going for all they can get! BY doing so, they are just fueling the anger of most Americans and motivating them to sweep the Democrats out of every office they can. Let's craft a Contract with America that will ensure that for the next two elections.

Terry Paulson is  PhD psychologist, author, and professional speaker on Earned Optimism, Making Change Work, Claiming Your American Dream, and Becoming a Conservative Values Voter.


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