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A Leftist War on Common Sense

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As we celebrate America's independence, know that our founding fathers would be shaking their heads in disbelief almost daily at how Democrats have lost all common sense. Even when pointed out, they seem unable to admit that what they propose is in conflict with core American values. Their proposals don't pass the smell test! In fact, how could anyone with common sense endorse, defend or even explain such plans and policies? It's as if progressives have declared war on common sense, and America is losing because of it. Here are just a few of their priorities that assault our intellect and our values: How do you decrease crime and rioting, by cutting police budgets, failing to prosecute perpetrators of rioting, looting, and low-dollar theft, and advancing gun controls to limit the ability of citizens to defend themselves? If you take away guns from citizens, the only ones with guns are criminals that progressive DA's refuse to hold accountable or put in jail.


How is requiring voters to show proof of citizenship, signing their name, and not voting more than once or when dead somehow denying citizens the right to vote? Stating that minorities are not capable of securing an acceptable ID is demeaning. Capable, responsible minorities are proud to exercise their right to vote like all Americans.

How do you get people to go back to work to stimulate economic growth when people make more from government stimulus checks and generous welfare payments than they can make working? There is no common sense in continuing to reward people for not working.

Who pays the price for the progressive desire to end our dependence on oil and coal by closing down pipelines, ending new drilling on federal lands, and passing new clean energy regulations? The rich can afford electric cars and the resulting higher costs for gas, but the poor and middle class are seeing their energy prices going through the roof.

After demanding Americans buy fuel-efficient cars, how can they justify punishing that environmentally responsible choice by considering new taxes based on miles driven? We know the truth. Cutting gas tax revenue never results in cutting expenditures, just a new tax to fund the ever-growing government behemoth!

How can they stop legal citizens from Canada and Mexico from even visiting America for fear of spreading COVID but allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross our Southern border without any concern for the havoc or germs they bring with them? 


How can progressives defend that giving special government assistance to ONLY black farmers is not racist? How can giving any special support to one race be anything but racist? To the left, white privilege is obviously systemically racist. By definition, Black privilege of any kind cannot exist. 

Why do so-called medical experts keep having people wear masks when science has clearly demonstrated that unless you are wearing an N95 mask, there is no real protection? Why would they be calling for youths to wear masks at school when the incidence of COVID in the young is rare and there's growing evidence that wearing masks expose youth to other infections and harm?

Why does the left get away with calling government entitlements caring when it takes politicians "stealing" from their hard-working Americans in the form of higher taxes to fund the costly entitlements? Instead of using other people's money to do their caring, leftist citizens should try giving their own money to non-profit charities that have a proven track record of being more effective and making a real difference in their local communities? Why don't they? It's obvious; that would take their own money!

How can they expect investors to build more rental property when politicians keep extending eviction relief and consider not requiring them to pay back what they owe? Why would anyone pay any rent if there are no consequences for non-payment? How can they get away with claiming it's caring to promote reparations and keep minorities dependent on government support? Is it not more caring to believe in and encourage them to use their God-given skills, drive, and opportunity to carve out their own American Dream like millions of other minority Americans have already done? If citizens have any common sense, in 2022 and 2024 we will work in a bipartisan way to get these progressive extremists out of power in our states and in Washington. May it be so.


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