Rise and Shine Georgia

Posted: Jan 05, 2021 12:01 AM
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Rise and Shine Georgia

Source: AP Photo/John Bazemore

Rise and shine Georgia! The eyes of America are upon you. The future of the America that you love is at stake. This is more than an election between candidates; it’s an election to determine what core policies and principles the U.S. Senate will champion for the next two years.

By reelecting Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, you give the GOP a 52 to 48 advantage in the Senate. With a decreased majority in the House and a conservative Supreme Court, a Republican-controlled Senate will be a check against the radical progressive drive to transform America. Your vote will help thwart expanded socialistic entitlements, protect American jobs by limiting illegal immigration, and block efforts to weaken the economic free-enterprise system that has made America great.

Take a moment to explore the conservative policies and priorities your vote can help secure:

Smaller Government: Government should be limited to critical roles that people cannot do for themselves. Politicians should work to keep more money in the pockets of American citizens by reducing the size and scope of government by ending unnecessary programs and agencies while avoiding starting new ones. Work to keep the power and resources close to the people though their local governments rather than through an inefficient, centralized, and distant federal government. Do you stand against bigger government and expanded entitlements? Vote Purdue and Loeffler.

Decrease Unnecessary Regulations: Supporting America’s free-enterprise system with minimal controls is a positive force for creating economic growth, more jobs, and personal wealth for its citizens. Government regulations and controls should be limited to high-priority concerns. Excessive regulations and paperwork increase costs, make it hard for businesses to start or compete, and make states less attractive for needed business investment. Do you support eliminating unnecessary government regulations? Vote Loeffler and Purdue.

Support Self-Reliance and Private Charity: Measure true caring by how many people no longer need government programs and become self-sufficient instead of by how many are served by government aid. We must care enough to keep a safety net for those most in need without allowing the net to become a dependency trap for those who are capable of working. We must support private charity that is more efficient and can be more effective in meeting local needs. Do you stand against government dependence and socialism while supporting the American Dream, self-reliance, and our free-enterprise system? Vote Purdue and Loeffler.

Lower Taxes: Minimize taxes to the lowest appropriate level possible in order to maintain work incentives in support of the American Dream and ensure the dynamic growth of our economy. During difficult economic times tax cuts stimulate the economy and the business growth that keeps economies growing. Let people who work hard keep more of the money they earned. Do you support keeping the Trump tax cuts for businesses and citizens? Vote Loeffler and Purdue.

Military Preparedness and Homeland Security: In a world with more rogue countries and terrorist groups, America must continue to invest adequate resources in our military, in order to remain strong, progressive, and technologically sophisticated. Do you support a strong military? Vote Purdue and Loeffler.

Immigration Controls: We remain a welcoming country for immigrants who arrive here legally. Before crafting any earned path to citizenship for the illegal immigrants in our midst, priority should be placed on continuing to secure our borders. This is no time for open borders, especially with the COVID pandemic and our economy threatened. Do you stand for secure borders? Vote Purdue and Loeffler.

Are these priorities important to you? Do you want to keep America America? If you do, this is no time to stay home. This is a time to exercise your responsibility as a citizen and vote. No matter how long the lines or how busy your day, your country is counting on your vote making a difference. Go Georgia strong.

You worry, what if there's cheating? There is a truth that is worth remembering—"If it ain’t close, they can’t cheat!” This is a time to fight for your country! Stand up, vote, and make a difference. Give America the landslide she deserves and send Purdue and Loeffler back to Washington. They’ve earned your vote. Rise and shine, Georgia.  

Terry Paulson is  PhD psychologist, author, and professional speaker on Earned Optimism, Making Change Work, Claiming Your American Dream, and Becoming a Conservative Values Voter. Contact him to speak before your group at terry@terrypaulson.com.