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A Hill-HarrisX poll during the Republican National Convention found that President Trump's support among black voters rose 9 points. The survey found support among Hispanic voters also grew by 2 percentage points. Maybe it is time to look critically about which party is actually making a difference for minority Americans. Could this finally be time when more minority Americans leave the Democratic plantation that has promised but seldom delivered? Here are some reasons for minorities to vote for Trump.


By cutting taxes, decreasing regulations, and supporting a free-enterprise economy over creeping socialism, Donald Trump produced unprecedented economic growth and thousands of new jobs. Before COVID-19, unemployment fell to the lowest point in 50 years. Unemployment among African-American and Hispanic workers was the lowest it has ever been in history. The rich had taxes lowered but the top 25 percent of income earners still account for over 85 percent of federal tax revenue. With the expanded standard deduction and tax credits for children, the bottom 50 percent of earners accounted for just 3 percent of federal income tax revenues. Joe Biden is vowing to raise taxes on most Americans that would reduce economic growth, reduce hours worked, and increase income taxes on 85 percent of taxpayers.

By actually building and hopefully completing our Southern border wall, an estimated 95 percent of those illegal aliens trying to enter on foot will be stopped. Americans value legal immigration, but uncontrolled illegal immigration limits the critical entry-level jobs that minority workers need to advance. When you add Trump's Opportunity Zone incentives now available, there's hope for expanded economic growth in the minority communities that need it most.

By ensuring energy independence, America is making available more low-cost energy to stimulate economic growth and help low-income families. A Biden victory means a war on carbon fuels which will raise energy costs and result in the loss of thousands of good jobs.


By passing and signing into law the First Step Act on December 21, 2018, Trump is delivering on his promise of criminal justice reform, reversing much of the damage done in Joe Biden's "94 crime bill" that resulted in the dramatic increase in the incarceration of black Americans. This "second-chance" bill gives judges more flexibility in sentencing, eliminates "three strikes," improves opportunities for academic and vocational education, and helps prisoners reenter into society. People say that President Trump does not care, tell that to Alice Johnson and those like her.

In light of continuing rioting and looting in many Democrat-controlled major American cities, law and order is the number five issue in America with guns at number seven. Early calls for defunding police have resulted in polls showing that 80% of Americans of all races reject such calls. In areas where black on black crimes are terrorizing neighborhoods, responsible citizens want help in keeping their families, businesses, and property safe. Trump is the law and order candidate supporting and being supported by law enforcement.

Trump promises to work to deliver school choice. Public education is in chaos as teachers' unions make demands for more money and more unrealistic changes. Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, is a leading advocate for greater school choice, supporting charter schools, taxpayer-funded vouchers, and tax credits for private-school vouchers. Competition improves performance. It's time for minority parents to pick the schools for their children on the basis of results. All of America's children deserve a good education. Biden is controlled by the teachers' unions who are major contributors to his campaign. Teachers unions want to end charter schools.


Of course, black lives matter. Trump believes all Americans matter. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Every human life is a reflection of divinity, and...every act of injustice mars and defaces the image of God in man." The Democrat Party relies on securing 90 percent of the black vote. Have they earned your vote? It's Trump who has ushered in sentencing reform, the best minority unemployment numbers ever, funded opportunity zones in economically depressed areas, and secured long-term funding for black colleges.

Black Republican Sen. Tim Scott, who said he had gone "from cotton to Congress," co-authored a police reform bill, but Democrats "walked out of the room" from it because "they wanted the issue more than they wanted a solution." Herschel Walker has known Donald Trump for 37 years and defended the president against racism charges, "I have seen racism up close. I know what it is. And it isn't Donald Trump."

All Americans want the best for their children. It's time we let all our children know how to claim their American Dream. Brookings Institution scholars Ron Haskins and Isabell Sawhill published their findings in "Creating an Opportunity Society." They have found that Americans who follow three steps - finish high school, get a full-time job, and get married before having children - face a 2 percent chance of being poor. In support of these results, Brad Wilcox and Wendy Wang of the American Enterprise Institute found that among millennials - ages 28-35 - there was a 53 percent incidence of poverty among those who failed to follow all three and a 3 percent incidence with those who did.


No one in America needs to stay trapped in poverty. President Trump summed up the Left well: "The Democrats held the darkest, angriest and gloomiest convention in American history. They spent four straight days attacking America as racist and a horrible country that must be redeemed." Instead of pitching anger, hatred, victimhood, resentment, class and racial warfare, and self-loathing, Trump is selling optimism, opportunity, and the limitless possibilities of every American. For four years, Trump has been delivering on his promises. Give him four more years to keep delivering for you!

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