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This dirt-digging, impeachment inquiry searching for any allegation to justify their coup d'état of a duly elected president has turned up the heat in an already divided Washington. It's also making those who elected and support President Trump fighting mad.


When former Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Thomas Homan recently testified to a House committee, he said what has been building among many previously polite conservatives. After watching those testifying against border wall funding being given extra time to make their point, Holman wanted his time to counter their statements.

When Democratic Congresswoman Pamila Jayapal tried to cut off his comments for exceeding his allotted time, Holman continued anyway, "Children are dying, cartels are getting rich. Why am I angry? Because you haven't done anything to fix it-nothing. There is no downside in securing our borders. There is no downside in illegal immigration being decreased. There is no downside in less drugs in this country."

When Jayapal tried to stop him again, "The time of the gentleman has expired," Holman continued his protest, "I've asked you politely to go beyond my time. You let other people go beyond their time. You work for me, I'm a taxpayer. I'm a taxpayer and you work for me."

Later on Fox News, Holman expanded his position to a rallying cry: "I'm not going to let them sit there and tell lies about my President, tell lies about the men and women at the border with ICE. It was lie after lie. It's my responsibility to set the record straight because they are out-and-out lies. They are not going to shut me down and not let me respond. No, I am not going to shut up. You lied. I'm under oath. You should be under oath. Just because you have a gavel doesn't make you queen for the day. It doesn't allow you to lie to the American people."


Silent no more! Like many who voted for Trump, we're tired of the mainstream media parroting democratic talking points and fake news on social media being peddled as truth. We're tired of being told our conservative views offend them as they demand safe spaces on their college campuses. Every day, they blatantly offend all who voted for President Trump.

We're not dumb or bigots. We're not racist or fascists. We're patriotic Americans who work hard, support our communities, give time and money to charities, and vote for politicians committed to keeping America America. We're polite. We prefer dialogue over attacks, but we're tired of turning the other cheek while watching our elected President trashed, lied about, and trying to be impeached without evidence.

The Democrats have started what Rush Limbaugh has called a "cold civil war," and it's time to take a stand and fight back. As one voter said, "I would walk through broken glass to vote for Trump next November!" The silent majority is motivated.

As with Wendy's old ad, "Where's the beef?" When faced with the actual transcript of President Trump's conversation with the Ukrainian President, Representative, Adam Schiff was left with having to make up a parody of what he hoped Trump actually meant. They called an impeachment party and forgot to bring any evidence worthy of consideration. Now, they're left with frantically searching for anything to justify their miscalculation.


In fact, by taking a shot at Trump, they ended up hitting Biden. Trump defenders are fueling outrage at Vice President Joe Biden who publicly bragged about threatening to withhold funds from Ukraine if they did not fire the prosecutor, the prosecutor potentially looking into Hunter Biden? Where is their public investigation into "Quid Pro Joe" and the Democratic Senators who threatened to withhold funds unless Ukraine continued to help in the Russian collusion case against Trump? Where is the investigation into Rep. Schiff discussing a fake offer to provide non-existent compromising nude pictures of Trump?

Why do we like Trump? He doesn't take any of the Democrat lies sitting down. He fights for what he believes he was elected to do. He's making a difference instead of cowering in the face of their continuous assaults and three years of calling for his impeachment.

It's time to do everything we can to defeat every Democrat who votes to impeach. The gloves are coming off. Get every one of them out of Washington the old-fashioned way-by beating them at the ballot box. It's time we fight back as Trump is fighting back-with a passion and commitment to keep America great. Thank you for attempting to impeach our president; you've provided all the motivation we need to re-elect Trump and sweep Democrats out of House control.



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