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The mid-term elections are little more than a week away. Every mid-term election is touted as critical to the future of America, but this one most surely is. Will we provide a can-do Congress for this can-do president or will we lock Washington into gridlock and partisan warfare?


Republicans have been able to use the slim advantage in the House and Senate to support President Trump’s agenda. To lose either house of Congress will stall further progress on needed changes until the 2020 election. Here are five reasons to vote for Republican candidates in your local elections.

The corporate and individual tax cuts have made a difference and need to be made permanent. Democrats complain that tax cuts add to the deficit, but this flies in the face of the facts. Investors Business Daily reports that federal revenues are up 9 percent as a result of President Trump's pro-growth tax cuts. As Reagan proved and Trump is proving again, tax cuts increase federal tax revenue. Increased economic activity produces income which even though taxed at a lower rate generates more federal funds. Democrats want to increase taxes on corporations and rich Americans, a move that will dampen our booming economy and decrease federal revenue. Visit for more benefits.

We need senators and representatives who will work with President Trump to actually cut out-of-control federal spending. Trump calls for a five percent spending cut from every major cabinet agency and has challenged Congress to work with him to cut even more. The Democrats are calling for more spending. They’ve proposed expanding Medicare to cover all Americans, bankrupting an already compromised program. We need more elected politicians ready to fight the automatic spending increases that are built into the federal budget. If they work to hold the line or actually work to cut spending, the deficit may finally begin decreasing.


Support our booming economy that is rekindling the American Dream. By cutting regulations, building in tax incentives, and encouraging entrepreneurial initiative, President Trump needs politicians in Washington willing to do even more to build an economy that removes obstacles and rewards the risk takers who generate economic growth and American jobs. Unemployment for Hispanics, Blacks, and all Americans are setting records. If you are better off than you were two years ago, keep the GOP in control of our economy.

There is critical need for a comprehensive immigration policy that secures the border, limits chain migration, and ends the catch-and-release policy that’s a magnet for illegal aliens. As Americans watch the caravan of undocumented immigrants walking through Mexico to overrun our border, there’s no question that our current laws attract rather than discourage such migrants. We need politicians who care enough to stop such mass migration at the border while encouraging legal immigration welcoming those willing to embrace both our freedoms and our civic responsibilities. It’s also time to fund a border wall.upset

Remember the Brett Kavanaugh hearing circus. Appreciate the importance of GOP politicians in appointing judges throughout the federal judicial system who will defend our Constitution. If you were upset by the assault on the rule of law and the core principle of “innocent until PROVEN guilty,” elect Republicans to avoid the impeachment fiasco promised if Democrats take control.


The Democrats lost the 2016 presidential election and have neither house of Congress. They miss power and seem committed to do anything they can to stop President Trump from producing more successes.

They’ve defined themselves by what they’re against, not by what they’re for. Power should be earned by the results produced. The GOP has delivered on their promises, and our country is better for it. A mid-term election gives voters a chance to give a grade to the party in control. If you are better off, give them the grade they deserve and vote Republican in this election!

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