It's Policies, Principles and Politicians Not Just Presidents

Posted: Sep 08, 2014 12:01 AM

A July CNN/ORC poll indicated that if a rematch of the 2012 presidential election were held today, GOP nominee Mitt Romney would top President Barack Obama in the popular vote 53 to 44 percent. But another poll also indicates that if Romney runs again for the White House against Hillary Clinton, Hillary would best him 55 to 42 percent.

For most Americans it seems that it’s not the policies, principles and party that makes the difference in their vote. It’s the president. Although enamored by his campaign rhetoric and the hope of electing a vibrant and charismatic black president, President Obama’s performance has clearly disappointed many early supporters. It’s not his liberal policies, his party or their own choices that’s at fault; it’s President Obama alone-his lack of experience and leadership skills.

A president doesn’t deserve the full credit or all the blame. It truly takes a “political” village willing to “transform America.” It’s “we the people” who vote them into power. It isn't the color of a presidents skin, their gender or their age that makes the difference. It’s the principles that guide them, the policies they want to implement, and the team they bring with them to make it all work…or fail.

In November, voters will decide whether to keep President Obama’s team in power in the Senate—choices that impact America’s future. Here are five issues where your vote can make a big difference:

President Obama campaigned on the claim that terrorism was on the decline and Russia was not a threat. The reality is far different. The Arab Spring has led to extremists taking control of our embassy in Tripoli. ISIS has secured a homeland and a vision of becoming a global caliphate. They have the funds and dedicated terrorists with passports who are willing to initiate lone wolf attacks on the West. Russian adventurism in the Ukraine is feeding Putin’s desire to reclaim the Soviet glory days. Do you want politicians who will invest in a strong military? Do you want leaders who go beyond talk of managing ISIS to actually destroy them?

It’s clear that America has the resources to be 100% energy independent and to give many of our allies the energy resources to cut their dependence on the Middle East and Russia. Do you want to free American energy companies to tap America’s resources and create the jobs such an initiative would provide? Do you want to let an unproven theory of climate change stifle our economy and increase your energy prices?

Do you believe that incentives and work matter? Do you think reaping what you earn is important to the American way? Guaranteeing a minimum wage whether you earn it or not and increasing taxes and regulations on the producers to give to the dependent will never create a vibrant economy. Current liberal policies have only increased the wealth gap, decreased quality jobs, and made more Americans dependent on government support.

Have you had enough of Obamacare--the “Unaffordable” Care Act? Fewer doctors are available, your costs, deductibles and co-pays have increased, and the delayed employer mandate promises to end many company-subsidized plans and put more Americans into government-mandated options. Do you want politicians who are ready to end this madness or do you want politicians who will keep defending a failed and poor plan?

Do you want to secure our border and change the laws that are creating a flood of Central American children coming to a school near you? It’s estimated that the cost of education for this influx of children will be $761 Million for the first year. When you add the cost of housing, feeding and healthcare, it’s no wonder the states want the federal government to pay the bill for their failure to secure the border. It’s not the children’s fault. It will be our fault if we don’t send to Washington politicians who will change the law and secure our border before any path to citizenship for illegal aliens is even considered.

Instead of blaming President Obama, look in a mirror. It’s your vote that matters. It’s his party’s policies, principles and politicians that are taking America in the wrong direction. This November don’t be swayed by sizzle, personality, race or gender. Vote for the policies, principles and politicians that you feel will best put America on the right course.