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There He Goes Again: Obama’s Insane Funeral Speech

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(Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP, Pool)

Just when we think Democrats have reached rock bottom, former President Barack Obama opens his mouth, then hands Democrats a shovel.

That Obama was not struck by lightning for all the lies he told (in church, no less) during his July 30 funeral speech for Rep. John Lewis is a testament to God’s patience and grace. It’s also proof Democrats will exploit anything, including someone’s death, for political gain. Turning a funeral into a campaign rally is as slimy and cold-hearted as it gets; on par for a political party that’s become a death cult.


Obama has as much respect for the dead as he does the unborn, so why not turn Lewis’s funeral into an opportunity to dredge up the past, resurrect Jim Crow, divide the country, compare cops to Bull Connor, praise anarchists, pretzel-twist Bible scripture, revise American history, promote voting by mail and throw cheap shots at the guy his administration spied on.

The former Divider-in-Chief wasn’t through, plugging for statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., eliminating the Senate filibuster, making election day a national holiday and promoting passage of new voting reform legislation. The only thing he left out was sandblasting Mount Rushmore and replacing the four presidents with his backpfeifengesicht (German word for a face which inspires slapping).

No one should be surprised by Obama’s sanctimonious screed, given former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder’s admission to a group in 2018: “…but Michelle always says, ‘When they go low, we go high.’ No. When they go low, we kick ‘em…We are not in this just to make a statement; we’re in this to win.”

That mentality is why Democrats attending the funeral clapped and cheered without blinking an eye as if that’s what people do at funerals. It’s not what people do unless they have no filter, no moral compass and no sense of decency.


Indeed, if they are willing to politicize a funeral, and they are, they will do anything and everything in their power to win, even if they lose their souls in the process. Democrats have joined the “Dark Side” and are threatening to take over.

The content of Obama’s speech makes it glaringly obvious Democrats are panicked, given their presidential candidate is a basement dweller who is unaware of his surroundings much of the time, and his vice presidential choices carry enough baggage to sink his campaign.

Furthermore, Democrats are also staring down the business end of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigative shotgun. Durham’s yet-to-be-released report potentially exposing the origins of the Russian-collusion sham will hopefully identify how far up the Obama administration food chain political spying traveled. Tick tock.

Their insanity is explainable, but not excusable. Democrats have been on a steady decline from political gamesmanship to political anarchy while supporting actual anarchy in city streets across the country. However, pompous fools like Democrat House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler claims the Antifa riots in Portland are “a myth.”

Here’s a myth: Donald Trump teamed-up with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election from the Pantsuit Queen.


Let me quickly recap: Democrats’ Russian boogeymen collusion was nothing more than psychological projection in their goal to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and overturn the election through impeachment. They are the embodiment of the Russian boogeymen they claimed were on every corner. May we never forget Democrats’ devilish deeds led to the first non-peaceful transfer of power in American history.

When that failed, they started counting dead bodies and scaring people about a virus from which most people recover. They called COVID-19 the “Trump virus” and continue to stunt economic growth by keeping businesses closed and unemployment numbers high.

George Floyd’s death gave Democrats another crisis to weaponize; social distancing be damned, anarchists flooded the streets, burning and destroying everything in sight. Apparently, nothing communicates justice for George Floyd better than smashing glass, killing people and stealing stuff.

Ask Obama, who praised rioters and looters during Lewis’s funeral speech:

“We see it outside our windows, in big cities and rural towns, in men and women, young and old, straight Americans and LGBTQ Americans, Blacks who long for equal treatment and whites who can no longer accept freedom for themselves while witnessing the subjugation of their fellow Americans. We see it in everybody doing the hard work of overcoming complacency…You see it in people trying to be better, truer version of ourselves…That’s where real courage comes from. Not from turning on each other, but by turning towards one another. Not by sowing hatred and division, but by spreading love and truth…”


Democrats are in a rough spot, and their buddy Barack’s funeral speech just made it worse. They’ll need that shovel Obama handed them come November.

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