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There are a number of unfinished promises for President Donald J. Trump to keep. The remaining incomplete assurances gives the Trump campaign an opportunity to roll out an agenda of unfinished business and an issue-based reason for voters to cast a vote for Trump this fall. Although the Democrats seem intent on giving the election away to socialist candidates, policies and crazy ideas, a solid agenda could lock down the White House for the president for four more years.


One issue that seems like an easy one for President Trump is finishing the job on tax reform.  The original tax plan proposed by candidate Donald Trump was epic and contained far more tax savings to the American people than the one signed into law.

Congress passed a scaled back version of his tax reform campaign promise that shortchanged the middle class. According to PolitiFact, “over time, however, these broad-based tax cuts dissipate due to the sunsetting of some key tax credits and a change in how inflation is calculated. By 2027, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, every income group below $75,000 will actually see a tax increase.” Republicans in the House were so worried about the “cost” of the bill that they scaled it back in a way that ended up virtually eliminating the tax cut for average Americans. 

The new Trump tax plan should make permanent the expiring tax cuts for middle class taxpayers and lower the tax rates even more. The president promised to reduce the number of tax brackets from seven, yet the meek Republicans in Congress did not make the tax code any flatter.  Conservatives have advocated for years for a “flat tax” that taxes all Americans at the same fair rate.  That should be part of the agenda with other ideas like eliminating social engineering and writing a tax code with the idea in mind that the government should raise just enough money to run the government – not more.

Finishing the job of draining the D.C. Swamp extends to a continued effort to rid the Trump administration of holdover Obama employees and policies. Impeachment showed the power of former Obama staff and career employees with an agenda. There are credible allegations that the so called “Whistleblower” that started the whole impeachment fiasco was close to former Vice President Joe Biden. Employees that don’t share the goals of President Trump have been sabotaging the agenda from day one and should be fired.


Another area is in holdover policies from the Obama years poisoning the Trump agenda. I wrote in Townhall about “Midnight Regulations and Lawsuits” that are still active.  The Trump administration’s Department of Labor (DOL) “allowed the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) to harass a number of tech companies with frivolous lawsuits” alleging discrimination on the part of government contractors solely based on statistical data. For some unknown reason, these lawsuits are still being pursued by the Trump Administration. I also wrote in Townhall about the Trump administration's continued use of regulations to kneecap the EB-5 merit-based investor visa program. President Trump’s campaign should promise to finally rid his administration holdover Obama staff, policies and lawsuits.

Another high-profile campaign agenda item is to complete the task of ending the Afghanistan war.  President Trump promised to end the “endless wars” and Afghanistan qualifies. The president has done a great job in stamping out the leadership of terrorist groups and defeating our enemies abroad.  Now it is time to declare victory and bring the troops home. Liberal Democrats have become hawks, because they can’t stand Trump’s restrained foreign policy, which has driven them to find ways to be opposed to his efforts. Trump’s foreign policy is popular with the American people. 

If Trump is for something, then the Democrats will be against it.  Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a political pandemic and the Democrats can’t help but oppose the ideas of further tax cuts, an elimination of destructive progressive influence on federal policy and a more restrained foreign policy. If President Trump can map out a “promises kept” agenda that promises more progress in the next few years, then he can capitalize on the dumpster fire that has consumed the Democratic nomination fight.


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