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Google Implementing Operation Choke Point

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Google is a behemoth. They are basically a monopoly that has been allowed to remain in business by providing access to our beloved internet. We are all addicts. Just admit it and move on.


The word/name Google has become synonymous with finding anything you need on the internet. You simply “Google” it. They are so dominant in the internet access game that no one else is even close. That provides an unbelievable amount of power to Google.

Google profits in many ways, but one of the big ones is from advertising. Along with all those wonderful searches come products that we need and want proudly displayed on banners along the side, bottom, top, maybe even right in the middle. Google is a capitalist dream.

People pay to advertise like the print ads and commercials of old. This is our new media. We can count it. If you can afford an ad, you can advertise your product on Google and people far and wide will see it. So what would happen if, just for fun, Google had a political agenda it wanted to promote?

What would it be like if Google decided one day that it would no longer run advertising for completely legal industry? No this industry isn’t selling porn, or drugs, or anything vulgar or morally decrepit. It is simply providing something millions of need at one point or another. The access to cash.

The Federal Reserve states that 47% of Americans cannot handle a $400 unexpected hit. What happens to those people when they can’t get quick cash? Of course, it’s got a horrible interest rate. Do you think the interest rate is the problem when you need your car fixed by Monday?


Google recently announced it was no longer going to allow ads from lending institutions who cater to lower and middle income folks with short term higher risk loans. According to the Washington Post, Google is now deciding that a perfectly legal and needed service is unfit or America to have access to. Do you see the power they wield? Google has the power to make or break an entire industry. That is absolutely scary.

There is no precedent for Google’s actions. The only instance similar involves Operation Choke Point. This is the operation where the Department of Justice was illegally running guns in an attempt to entrap legal citizen business owners. Another brilliant idea brought to you by the federal government.

“Under President Obama’s reign, the DOJ has abandoned its longstanding tradition of staying out of politics and has instead become a partisan arm of the White house,” Sen Cruz said. “The Obama administration initiated Operation Choke Point to punish law abiding small businesses that don’t align with the President’s political leanings. The DOJ should not be abusing its power by trying to bankrupt American citizens for exercising their constitutional rights.”

One of the main points of Operation Choke Point was to crunch the access to banking for firearms sellers. A clear political motivation being pushed by an out of control DOJ. Where the government failed, Google will succeed. If you get sideways to Google you have no access to the internet marketplace. A kiss of death in todays world. Google literally can control who wins and loses by controlling access.


So when you find out that Google has a stake in the game, they own a financial services company named Lending Club, you have to wonder if you can trust them to be a non-partial grantor of access to the world created by Al Gore.

What would stop Google from crawling into bed with government to crush an industry it either politically doesn’t like or is in competition to one of its own financial interests? The DOJ would step in right and protect the citizens, right? Everyone know that statement is laughable. The DOJ will toss back the covers and climb in with Google. Sadly, the only people getting harmed are honest Americans.

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