Planned Parenthood “Two-for-One” Deal Not So Popular

Posted: Oct 13, 2012 12:01 AM
Planned Parenthood “Two-for-One” Deal Not So Popular

Planned Parenthood is in the killing business. They perform approximately 324,000 abortions per year, using various methods on women at various stages of pregnancy.

For example, during a first trimester abortion, they usually suction out the child, or pieces of the child, through a tube inserted into the uterus. But during a second-trimester abortion, where the child has become too large to be killed and then sucked through a tube, Planned Parenthood performs a cervical dilation that allows them to get sharp instruments into the intended safety of the womb and kill the child so that it can then be “evacuated.”

It’s an ugly, immoral job, but by using phrases like “termination of pregnancy,” “pro-choice,” and “women’s health,” Planned Parenthood has been able to maintain both a quasi-respectable public image and their killing fields—all at the same time.

But for many, that all changed in July when 24-year old Tonya Reaves bled to death after an employee at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago aborted Tonya’s baby in the second trimester.

Roughly 12 hours after the child had been dismembered and pulled from Tonya’s womb, the 24-year-old was pronounced dead.

This wasn’t by any means the first death of a would-be-mother at the hands of Planned Parenthood, but it was probably the most notorious, and the most shocking. So now Planned Parenthood has a problem—usually, only the baby dies. Having a dead mother, too, means phrases like “termination of pregnancy,” “pro-choice,” and “women’s health” simply aren’t apropos.

Moreover, although Planned Parenthood is historically known for some very objectionable ad campaigns, it’s fair to say a “Planned Parenthood Two-For-One Deal” probably won’t be in the works any time soon.

This tragedy has brought the deadly aspect of abortion—for the mother and not just the baby—out into the light for all to see. And now, some of those who never gave it a second thought are seeing behind the façade that has featured smiling abortionists, “keep your laws off my body” placards, and banners that read, “Wanting Every Child to be a Wanted Child.”

In the end, it’s not about women’s health, “pro-choice” sentiments, or “terminating pregnancies.” Nor is it about “wanted children” vs. “unwanted children” – both sides think every child should be wanted, but pro-lifers don’t think the solution is killing the child.

No, in the end, it’s all about killing for profit. And Planned Parenthood’s grand mistake in trying to hide this became evident when Tanya Reaves walked in with a child and both were dead within hours.

Sadly, had things gone as planned, one of them would still be dead.

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