Abortion Discount on Sundays

Posted: Nov 27, 2011 12:01 AM

The pursuit of death affects people. It changes who they are and what they think and how they live. It does this because it is antithetical to life and to everything that protects and prolongs it.

Because of this, people who don’t pursue or support death via abortion or infanticide or doctor-prescribed death are often shocked by the high disregard for life exhibited by abortionists.

Right now, for instance, those who fight for life recoil at the fact that the Orlando Women’s Center is currently offering a special $50 discount for abortions performed on Sundays. (It’s not quite “buy one, get one free,” but it’s a quite a deal on death.) And for those who are almost drawn in by the discount but still need a bit more motivation, the OWC also offers free Wi-Fi for mothers who want to surf the Web either just before or just after their preborn child is killed.

What a deal. Now mothers who choose to have their preborn children killed can do a little online shopping beforehand, then check the news or read the heartwarming stories on NARAL’s website afterward.

See how twisted the pursuit of death makes people?

See how it corrupts in part and then in whole?

Those behind it—it’s promoters and profiteers—have no qualms about running ads for discounted abortions on the Lord’s Day, and Wi-Fi thrown in at no extra cost.

And the folks at OWC have thought of everything. For example, for the woman who is a bit too far along in her pregnancy to have an abortion—Florida law prevents an abortion after 24 weeks if there’s a heartbeat—the OWC actually has a way for women to get around late-term abortion statutes.

How does the OWC get around the law banning abortions after 24 weeks if there’s heartbeat? They just get rid of the heartbeat. Seriously.

At the top of the OWC home page, a link reads: “Greater than 24 weeks Pregnant? Please click here.” Upon clicking, the site latetermabortion.net opens to inform women they can fly to an undisclosed clinic in Washington, D.C., and have their baby’s heart stopped. Afterward, they can then fly back to their home state and have the murdered child aborted. (Instead of calling it “murder,” latetermabortion.net refers to it as an “intra-cardiac injection of medication into the fetal heart” which stops the heartbeat so that the mother can return “to her private physician to complete the induction of labor with delivery of the fetus.”)

Forgive me for saying so, but it’s like we’re talking about pigs here. Instead of killing a child by stopping his or her heart from beating, we assuage our consciences with stopping a “fetal heart” and inducing labor to deliver the then-lifeless “fetus.”

Can the pursuit of death yield worse results?

As if these things weren’t repugnant enough, latetermabortion.net literally describes their intervention to stop a “fetal heart beat” as both “compassionate” and a “much needed service.”

There is nothing compassionate about killing another human being in cold blood (nor is such killing a “much needed service”). Instead, such mad ramblings are proof anew that the pursuit of death warps the mind and the heart until it eventually consumes those bent on growing rich via the death of the unborn.