Dumb & Dumber

Posted: Jul 05, 2014 12:01 AM
Dumb & Dumber

Now that we’re done celebrating a rare victory, it’s time to get back to work. Because if you’ve spent any amount of time perusing the arguments against free speech and religious liberty in the Hobby Lobby case, you realize there is another country flying our same flag that looks more like the U.S.S.R. than the U.S.A.

Check out this collection of “tolerance” from some on the Left.

“F-SCOTUS. F-Hobby Lobby. F-Religion. F-America.”

“I will not take my dollars or my less-than uterus to Hobby Lobby again.”

“High court rules in favor of #HobbyLobby” – what the fuck is #SCOTUS smoking? Kochcaine?”

“F-you Hobby Lobby, I hope all your stores burn to the ground.”

“Literally burn hobby lobby to the ground.”

“Hobby Lobby are scum of the earth. Burn every single one down, build a homeless shelter there instead.”

Can’t you just feel the diversity?

Then there’s Cecile Richards, an especially troubled soul, for she is one of the mucky-mucks over at Planned Parenthood, the leading child-killer in the country. She said, “It’s unbelievable that in 2014 we’re still fighting about whether women should have access to birth control.”

Um, we’re not.

Hobby Lobby already was offering its employees 16 of the 20 contraception methods Obamacare mandates before this argument arose. Hobby Lobby was simply posing the question is government allowed to violate the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of religion? Since Hobby Lobby’s religion teaches extinguishing innocent life is murder, and murder is against God’s Law, they claimed their freedom of religion exempts them from committing acts of murder according to their moral conscience. This battle wasn’t about access to birth control. It was about access to liberty.

Next is this post made by a liberal on my Facebook wall:

“What about the religious liberty of the employees? Besides it’s not a religious argument. Nothing in the Bible covers this topic. We get upset when anyone is denied equal protection under the law. Even you. Hobby Lobby invests in companies that make contraceptives. The height of hypocrisy.”

Here is how I replied to this gentleman:

“That is probably the stupidest thing I’ve seen said yet about this, and I’ve seen some absolutely idiotic feces spewed about this. You don’t have a religious liberty to have your behaviors subsidized by somebody else. Come on, man, please tell me you’re smarter than that. Besides, of their own free will the Greens were already offering their employees 16 of the 20 contraceptions Obamacare demands. There simply isn’t a logical argument for this, which is why they all sound dumb and amount to ‘I want to do what I want, and I want someone else to pay for it.’ As to your point about the Greens’ alleged hypocrisy, even if they were the worst hypocrites ever it wouldn’t change one word of the First Amendment. See, that’s the whole point of having the law based on a fixed standard so that your freedoms aren’t subject to the whims of fallible human beings like ourselves. This case isn’t about the Greens, it’s about the words written into the Constitution more than 200 years before Hobby Lobby was created.”

Sadly, the disputes did get dumber. Check out this email a listener sent to me after discussing this with one of his liberal friends:

“One of my liberal friends made an interesting point about the Hobby Lobby verdict. Their comment was what if you work for a Jehovah’s Witness and they deny you coverage because they don’t believe in blood transfusions? And the one I thought of was what if your boss is a Christian Scientist and doesn’t believe in doctors at all, only the power of prayer? Do they have the right to deny coverage to their employees even though the employees believe in doctors? What about the Amish?”

Here’s how I replied:

“Their argument is deeply flawed. It begins with the premise you’re entitled to any coverage from your employer, or anything else for that matter at all. You’re not entitled to anything. If you don’t like that employer and the salary/benefits they offer then don’t work there. Your employer can simply get around the Obamacare mandate altogether by having all his employees work part-time fewer than 29 hours a week, and some already are. Besides, in the example you’re citing the liberal is decrying a decision that he believes will kill people. However, not wanting to kill people is exactly why Hobby Lobby took this stand.


Oh, and if your sexual behavior is private then why does someone else have to pay for it?”

Finally, for the absolutely dumbest poop to flow from any pie-hole about this, look no further than presumptive 2016 Democrat nominee for president.

Hillary Clinton described the Hobby Lobby ruling as Sharia Law: “It is a disturbing trend that you see in a lot of societies that are very unstable, anti-democratic, and frankly prone to extremism,” Clinton said. “Where women and women’s bodies are used as the defining and unifying issue, because of their religion, their sect, their tribe, whatever.”

Where do I even begin?

You know why this isn’t like Sharia Law? Because Hillary hasn’t been “honor killed” for wearing a pant suit yet. The feminist icon is still alive, unlike the four dead Americans she left behind at Benghazi, but if she lived in a nation with Sharia Law she probably wouldn’t be.

Secondly, the legislation the majority of Supreme Court justices based their opinion on was signed by…wait for it…wait for it…President Bill Clinton! Justice Alito in the majority opinion specifically cited the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” signed into law by President Clinton in 1993. Oh, by the way, that bill was sent to President Clinton’s desk by Democrat majorities in both chambers of Congress.

The Left’s hysterical reaction to the Hobby Lobby ruling shows yet again the difference between the GOP establishment and the grassroots. The establishment still wants to negotiate with these people, but we realize you cannot negotiate with people who fundamentally don’t believe in basic liberties like free speech and religious liberty. Combine those anti-American views with their entitlement mentality, and we’re essentially talking about Statists/Marxists here.

In the 1980s the Republican Party understood it couldn’t negotiate with the Statists in Moscow, but had to defeat them. I pray it will realize that about the Statists in our own nation today.